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08/04/2016 10:17:44 PM (8 years ago)

Upgrade/Install: Make some install/update failures more verbose.

An upgrader class is used in conjunction with an upgrader skin class. A skin class handles the logging for an upgrade and informs a user about the progress and failures.
The current Ajax install/update handlers are using the Automatic_Upgrader_Skin class because during an Ajax request no output is intended. The difference between Ajax updates and automatic updates is that you will see the full log (usually by email) while Ajax updates focus only on success or failure. For that Automatic_Upgrader_Skin has one disadvantage: It doesn't provide a way to retrieve failure messages which were passed through WP_Upgrader_Skin::error() by the upgrader.
To solve this issue a new skin WP_Ajax_Upgrader_Skin has been introduced. The skin extends Automatic_Upgrader_Skin and overrides the error() and feedback() methods to intercept all errors, which can be a WP_Error object or a string.

This updates all four Ajax handler for installing/updating themes/plugins to use the new skin. They now also check the skin for any intercepted errors and pass them on to the user.

Props flixos90, obenland, ocean90.
Props DrewAPicture, pento for review.
Fixes #37531.

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