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10/06/16 01:29:22 (18 months ago)

Docs: Improvements to register_taxonomy() docblock.

  • Fix spelling and whitespace.
  • Remove $label argument documentation. This argument hasn't worked since [14614], despite the documentation added in [14619].

Props bobbingwide.
Fixes #38007.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/taxonomy.php

    r38716 r38737  
    294294 * 
    295295 * @param string       $taxonomy    Taxonomy key, must not exceed 32 characters. 
    296  * @param array|string $object_type Name of the object type for the taxonomy object. 
     296 * @param array|string $object_type Object type or array of object types with which the taxonomy should be associated. 
    297297 * @param array|string $args        { 
    298298 *     Optional. Array or query string of arguments for registering a taxonomy. 
    299299 * 
    300  *     @type string        $label                 Name of the taxonomy shown in the menu. Usually plural. If not set, 
    301  *                                                `$labels['name']` will be used. 
    302  *     @type array         $labels                An array of labels for this taxonomy. By default, Tag labels are used for 
    303  *                                                non-hierarchical taxonmies, and Category labels are used for hierarchical 
    304  *                                                taxonomies. See accepted values in get_taxonomy_labels(). 
    305  *                                                Default empty array. 
     300 *     @type array         $labels                An array of labels for this taxonomy. By default, Tag labels are 
     301 *                                                used for non-hierarchical taxonomies, and Category labels are used 
     302 *                                                for hierarchical taxonomies. See accepted values in 
     303 *                                                get_taxonomy_labels(). Default empty array. 
    306304 *     @type string        $description           A short descriptive summary of what the taxonomy is for. Default empty. 
    307305 *     @type bool          $public                Whether a taxonomy is intended for use publicly either via 
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