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10/19/2016 06:14:21 PM (5 years ago)

Customize: Introduce custom CSS for extending theme styles.

  • Custom CSS is associated with a given theme and is displayed in an inline style element at the wp_head hook after the wp_print_styles is called so that it overrides any enqueued stylesheets.
  • A wp_get_custom_css() function is used for accessing the CSS associated with the current theme (or another theme) and a wp_get_custom_css filter for manipulating it.
  • CSS is managed in customizer via a new "Additional CSS" section with a single textarea control.
  • WP_Customize_Section::$description_hidden is introduced for hiding extended descriptions in customizer sections behind a help toggle as done with panels.
  • CSS is stored in a custom_css post type with the theme (stylesheet) slug as the post_name.
  • WP_Customize_Custom_CSS_Setting is introduced to handle validation of CSS, previewing, and persisting the CSS to the custom_css post type.
  • The custom_css setting is tied to a new unfiltered_css capability which maps to unfiltered_html by default.
  • Escaping the message in the notification template is removed to allow markup (code tags) to be rendered.

See https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/10/11/feature-proposal-better-theme-customizations-via-custom-css-with-live-previews/

Props johnregan3, celloexpressions, folletto, westonruter.
Fixes #35395.

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