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10/27/2016 10:08:33 PM (5 years ago)

Twenty Seventeen: Improve user and developer experience with the customizer integration

  • Rename customizer JS files to customize-preview.js and customize-controls.js to align with the core file naming and make it clearer where each file runs.
  • Only show the colorscheme_hue control when there's a custom color scheme.
  • Update preview JS handling for revised front page section handling, see below.
  • Remove all references to "Theme Customizer" in code comments. It hasn't been called that since before 4.0.
  • Clarify the purpose of the JS files by updated the code comments in the file headers.
  • Improve code readability.
  • Make the arbitrary number of front page sections filterable, for UI registration and output.
  • Rename twentyseventeen_sanitize_layout to twentyseventeen_sanitize_page_layout to be clearer about what it sanitizes in case child themes or plugins consider reusing it.
  • Rename page_options setting/control to page_layout as that's more reflective of what that option does; and again, helps for potential extensions.
  • Make the page layout option contextual to pages and the sidebar being inactive, as the option only applies when there is no sidebar (per its description).
  • Condense options into a single section.
  • Add selective refresh for front page sections.
  • Locate active_callback functions within customizer.php so that they're easier to find when editing customizer registrations, similarly to sanitize callbacks.
  • Adjust the styling for placeholders for panels that aren't active.
  • Ensure that the new visible edit shortcuts don't have any issues.

Props celloexpressions.

Fixes #38426.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/inc/color-patterns.php

    r38918 r38986  
    313313.colors-custom .next.page-numbers:hover,
    314314.colors-custom .site-content .wp-playlist-light .wp-playlist-item:hover,
    315 .colors-custom .site-content .wp-playlist-light .wp-playlist-item:focus {
     315.colors-custom .site-content .wp-playlist-light .wp-playlist-item:focus,
     316.colors-custom .customize-partial-edit-shortcut:before {
    316317    background: hsl( ' . esc_attr( $hue ) . ', ' . esc_attr( $saturation ) . ', 46% ); /* base: #767676; */
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