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05/18/2017 02:43:47 PM (7 years ago)

Dashboard: Document request proxy for events.

Documents the reason why the request is proxied through WP, instead of being
made directly to

Props iandunn, michelleweber.
See #40702.

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  • trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-community-events.php

    r40774 r40777  
    6868     * with nearby events.
    6969     *
    70      * @since 4.8.0
    71      *
    72      * @param string $location_search Optional city name to help determine the location.
     70     * The browser's request for events is proxied with this method, rather
     71     * than having the browser make the request directly to,
     72     * because it allows results to be cached server-side and shared with other
     73     * users and sites in the network. This makes the process more efficient,
     74     * since increasing the number of visits that get cached data means users
     75     * don't have to wait as often; if the user's browser made the request
     76     * directly, it would also need to make a second request to WP in order to
     77     * pass the data for caching. Having WP make the request also introduces
     78     * the opportunity to anonymize the IP before sending it to, which
     79     * mitigates possible privacy concerns.
     80     *
     81     * @since 4.8.0
     82     *
     83     * @param string $location_search Optional. City name to help determine the location.
    7384     *                                e.g., "Seattle". Default empty string.
    74      * @param string $timezone        Optional timezone to help determine the location.
     85     * @param string $timezone        Optional. Timezone to help determine the location.
    7586     *                                Default empty string.
    7687     * @return array|WP_Error A WP_Error on failure; an array with location and events on
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