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05/19/2017 08:24:58 PM (3 years ago)

Docs: Improve phpdoc for WP_Customize_Manager, WP_Customize_Control, WP_Customize_Setting, and WP_Customize_Selective_Refresh.

Props 4nickpick, sagarprajapati, ketuchetan, BharatKambariya, mrahmadawais, westonruter.
Fixes #39671.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-selective-refresh.php

    r40316 r40804  
    8989     *
    9090     * @since 4.5.0
    91      * @access public
    9291     *
    9392     * @param WP_Customize_Partial|string $id   Customize Partial object, or Panel ID.
    94      * @param array                       $args Optional. Partial arguments. Default empty array.
     93     * @param array                       $args {
     94     *  Optional. Array of properties for the new Partials object. Default empty array.
     95     *
     96     *  @type string   $type                  Type of the partial to be created.
     97     *  @type string   $selector              The jQuery selector to find the container element for the partial, that is, a partial's placement.
     98     *  @type array    $settings              IDs for settings tied to the partial.
     99     *  @type string   $primary_setting       The ID for the setting that this partial is primarily responsible for
     100     *                                        rendering. If not supplied, it will default to the ID of the first setting.
     101     *  @type string   $capability            Capability required to edit this partial.
     102     *                                        Normally this is empty and the capability is derived from the capabilities
     103     *                                        of the associated `$settings`.
     104     *  @type callable $render_callback       Render callback.
     105     *                                        Callback is called with one argument, the instance of WP_Customize_Partial.
     106     *                                        The callback can either echo the partial or return the partial as a string,
     107     *                                        or return false if error.
     108     *  @type bool     $container_inclusive   Whether the container element is included in the partial, or if only
     109     *                                        the contents are rendered.
     110     *  @type bool     $fallback_refresh      Whether to refresh the entire preview in case a partial cannot be refreshed.
     111     *                                        A partial render is considered a failure if the render_callback returns
     112     *                                        false.
     113     * }
    95114     * @return WP_Customize_Partial             The instance of the panel that was added.
    96115     */
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