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10/04/2017 12:19:16 AM (4 years ago)

File Editors: Introduce sandboxed live editing of PHP files with rollbacks for both themes and plugins.

  • Edits to active plugins which cause PHP fatal errors will no longer auto-deactivate the plugin. Supersedes #39766.
  • Introduce sandboxed PHP file edits for active themes, preventing accidental whitescreening of a user's site when introducing a fatal error.
  • After writing a change to a PHP file for an active theme or plugin, perform loopback requests on the file editor admin screens and the homepage to check for fatal errors. If a fatal error is encountered, roll back the edited file and display the error to the user to fix and try again.
  • Introduce a secure way to scrape PHP fatal errors from a site via wp_start_scraping_edited_file_errors() and wp_finalize_scraping_edited_file_errors().
  • Moves file modifications from theme-editor.php and plugin-editor.php to common wp_edit_theme_plugin_file() function.
  • Refactor themes and plugin editors to submit file changes via Ajax instead of doing full page refreshes when JS is available.
  • Use get method for theme/plugin dropdowns.
  • Improve styling of plugin editors, including width of plugin/theme dropdowns.
  • Improve notices API for theme/plugin editor JS component.
  • Strip common base directory from plugin file list. See #24048.
  • Factor out functions to list editable file types in wp_get_theme_file_editable_extensions() and wp_get_plugin_file_editable_extensions().
  • Scroll to line in editor that has linting error when attempting to save. See #41886.
  • Add checkbox to dismiss lint errors to proceed with saving. See #41887.
  • Only style the Update File button as disabled instead of actually disabling it for accessibility reasons.
  • Ensure that value from CodeMirror is used instead of textarea when CodeMirror is present.
  • Add "Are you sure?" check when leaving editor when there are unsaved changes.

Supersedes [41560].
See #39766, #24048, #41886.
Props westonruter, Clorith, melchoyce, johnbillion, jjj, jdgrimes, azaozz.
Fixes #21622, #41887.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php

    r41611 r41721  
    39673967    wp_send_json_success( $status );
     3971 * Ajax handler for editing a theme or plugin file.
     3972 *
     3973 * @since 4.9.0
     3974 * @see wp_edit_theme_plugin_file()
     3975 */
     3976function wp_ajax_edit_theme_plugin_file() {
     3977    $r = wp_edit_theme_plugin_file( wp_unslash( $_POST ) ); // Validation of args is done in wp_edit_theme_plugin_file().
     3978    if ( is_wp_error( $r ) ) {
     3979        wp_send_json_error( array_merge(
     3980            array(
     3981                'code' => $r->get_error_code(),
     3982                'message' => $r->get_error_message(),
     3983            ),
     3984            (array) $r->get_error_data()
     3985        ) );
     3986    } else {
     3987        wp_send_json_success( array(
     3988            'message' => __( 'File edited successfully.' ),
     3989        ) );
     3990    }
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