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10/09/2017 04:03:35 PM (2 years ago)

Customize: Eliminate use of customize-loader in core so Customizer is opened consistently in top window.

  • Open the door for future browser history feature in #28536, which is currently not feasible when customize-loader is used.
  • Remove customizer-loader from being used on admin screens for Dashboard, Themes, non-shiny theme install/update.
  • Keep the customize-loader functionality available for plugins, for the time being. It may become deprecated.
  • Ensure return param in customizer links in Themes screen update to reflect search updated by pushState.
  • Persist return when reloading Customizer due to theme switch, autosave restoration, or changeset trashing.
  • Use location.replace() instead of changing location.href when trashing.
  • Hide theme browser while Themes screen is loading when there is a search to prevent flash of unfiltered themes.
  • Use throttling instead of debouncing when searching themes to ensure that screen is updated immediately on page load.
  • Fix encoding and decoding of search param between URL and search field.
  • Add support for dismissing autosaves when closing customize-loader, when it is used by plugins.
  • Skip sending changeset UUID to customize-loader for population in browser location if changeset branching is not enabled.

See #28536.
Fixes #40254.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php

    r41793 r41797  
    42374237            'url'      => array(
    42384238                'preview'       => esc_url_raw( $this->get_preview_url() ),
     4239                'return'        => esc_url_raw( $this->get_return_url() ),
    42394240                'parent'        => esc_url_raw( admin_url() ),
    42404241                'activated'     => esc_url_raw( home_url( '/' ) ),
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