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11/12/2018 11:19:13 PM (5 years ago)

Updating Twenty Nineteen, our new default theme for 2019, set for 5.0.

This update applies the following changes:

  • Improve menu UI to support keyboard, click and touch interactions
  • Improve variable scoping and js performance in menu interaction javascript
  • Improve custom-colors for selected text, buttons and menu hover styles
  • Improve margins structure for more consistency between editor and frontend
  • Improve discussion avatars for simpler wording and better performance
  • Improve fonts in list widgets and list blocks
  • Improve comment responsive spacing and avatar display
  • Improve various block styles to make them consistent between the editor and frontend
  • Add tabbed browsing support for ie11
  • Add backwards compatibility support for older versions of WordPress
  • Add fallback styles for older versions of WP where Gutenberg is activated and then deactivated (backwards compatibility)
  • Add sizes attribute for featured images to improve responsive performance
  • Add focus-within polyfill
  • Add a footer menu for secondary page links
  • Fix editor styles to prevent conflicts with plugins that add meta boxes to the editor
  • Fix columns block issues on small screens
  • Fix empty-space font text cursor issue in Gutenberg editor
  • Fix RTL floating styles so that left/right floats are honored
  • Fix cover image block margins/padding
  • Fix invalid rgba style
  • Fix php warning when returning attributes
  • Fix gallery widget margins to improve gallery grids
  • Fix .entry-content selectors to prevent shortcodes, plugins and other unknown content from breaking the layout
  • Remove translation escaping to follow code standards in previous default themes
  • Remove custom color output in the fronten header when default color is selected
  • Remove fly-out sub-sub-sub-menu behavior on desktop to prevent sub-menus from falling off the screen
  • General code clean up and coding standards improvements

Initial development occurred on GitHub. See:

Props allancole, karmatosed, kjellr, yingling017, mrasharirfan, milana_cap, fabiankaegy, westonruter, aaronjorbin, netweb, b-07, khleomix, blowery, dereksmart, jasmussen, audrasjb, nielslange, mmaumio, dimadin, joyously, anevins12, peterwilsoncc, dannycooper, icaleb, siriokun, technosiren, travel_girl, azchughtai, ianbelanger, nadim1992, ismailelkorchi, nativeinside, chetan200891, icaleb, grapplerulrich, ocean90, joshfeck, frankew, abdulwahab610, mendezcode, eliorivero, melchoyce, joen, laurelfulford, mdawaffe, kraftbj, dsmart, mukeshpanchal27, burhandodhy, crunnells, Ismail-elkorchi, aryaprakasa, @tlxo, @themeroots, @whizbangik, @yingles, @youthkee, @brentswisher, @smy315, @ahmadawais, @desi-developer.

1 edited


  • branches/5.0/src/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/classes/class-twentynineteen-walker-comment.php

    r43860 r43892  
    5656                            }
    58                             /* translators: %s: comment author link */
    5958                            printf(
     59                                /* translators: %s: comment author link */
    6060                                __( '%s <span class="screen-reader-text says">says:</span>', 'twentynineteen' ),
    6161                                sprintf( '<span class="fn">%s</span>', $comment_author )
    7070                    <div class="comment-metadata">
    7171                        <a href="<?php echo esc_url( get_comment_link( $comment, $args ) ); ?>">
    72                             <?php /* translators: 1: comment date, 2: comment time */ ?>
    73                             <time datetime="<?php comment_time( 'c' ); ?>" title="<?php printf( __( '%1$s at %2$s', 'twentynineteen' ), get_comment_date( '', $comment ), get_comment_time() ); ?>">
    74                                 <?php printf( __( '%1$s at %2$s', 'twentynineteen' ), get_comment_date( '', $comment ), get_comment_time() ); ?>
     72                            <?php
     73                                /* translators: 1: comment date, 2: comment time */
     74                                $comment_timestamp = sprintf( __( '%1$s at %2$s', 'twentynineteen' ), get_comment_date( '', $comment ), get_comment_time() );
     75                            ?>
     76                            <time datetime="<?php comment_time( 'c' ); ?>" title="<?php echo $comment_timestamp; ?>">
     77                                <?php echo $comment_timestamp; ?>
    7578                            </time>
    7679                        </a>
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