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11/16/2018 12:13:32 AM (6 years ago)

Updating Twenty Nineteen, our new default theme for 2019, set for 5.0.

This update changes the following:

  • Improve menu UI to support keyboard navigation in both directions
  • Improve more-menu-link visibility when no menu items are hidden
  • Improve text-selection custom colors for better contrast and legibility
  • Improve support for sticky toolbars in the editor
  • Improve table element fonts
  • Add .button class support
  • Remove translation escaping
  • Fix menu JS to prevent unused touched event listeners
  • Fix duplicate more-menu-link issue on selective refresh in the customizer
  • Fix editor font-weights for headings
  • Fix search form input style
  • Fix nested blockquote styles
  • Fix download block button style when download text stretches more than one line
  • Fix audio block centering issue
  • Fix align-full blocks in the editor so they don’t create horizontal scrollbars
  • Fix editor to prevent Gutenberg's meta boxes area from overlapping the content

Initial development occurred on GitHub. See:

Props allancole, karmatosed, kjellr, yingling017, mrasharirfan, milana_cap, fabiankaegy, westonruter, aaronjorbin, ntwb, b-07, khleomix, audrasjb, nielslange, mmaumio, richsalvucci, littlebigthing, dimadin, joyously, anevins12, peterwilsoncc, DannyCooper, WPprodigy, siriokun, briannaorg, 00travelgirl00, shahjehanali1, ianbelanger79, nadim1992, Ismail-elkorchi, nativeinside, iamchetanp, grappler, ocean90, joshfeck, frankew, abdulwahab610, mendezcode, eliorivero, melchoyce, jasmussen, laurelfulford, mdawaffe, kraftbj, dereksmart, naokomc, mayukojpn, enodekciw, chetansatasiya, ketuchetan, atanas-angelov-dev, carolinan, sharazghouri, artisan-asad, mukeshpanchal27, mukesh27, burhandodhy, @crunnells, aryaprakasa, tlxo, themeroots, whizbangik, yingles, tlxo, youthkee, brentswisher, smy315, ahmadawais, desi-developer, 2ndkauboy, mor10.

1 edited


  • branches/5.0/src/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/sass/forms/_fields.scss

    r43842 r43904  
    2121    outline: none;
    2222    padding: #{.36 * $size__spacing-unit} #{.66 * $size__spacing-unit};
     23    -webkit-appearance: none;
     24    outline-offset: 0;
     25    border-radius: 0;
    2427    &:focus {
    2629        outline: thin solid rgba( $color__link, 0.15 );
    2730        outline-offset: -4px;
     31    }
     34input[type="search"] {
     35    &::-webkit-search-decoration {
     36        display: none;
    2837    }
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