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06/07/2019 08:43:26 PM (9 months ago)

Accessibility: Improve accessibility of all the media views form controls.

  • changes the media views form controls to have explicitly associated labels with for/id attributes
  • adds a few missing labels / aria-labels
  • improves a few existing labels / aria-labels
  • improves semantics in a few places, by adding visually hidden headings, fieldset + legend elements, aria-describedby attributes
  • improves the image custom size input fields and their labelling
  • adds role="status" to the "saved" indicator so that status messages are announced to assistive technologies
  • swaps the columns source order in the image details template, to make visual and DOM order match
  • swaps the "Replace" and "Back" buttons source order in the Replace Image view, to make visual and DOM order match
  • gallery settings: move checkbox label to the right: checkboxes are supposed to have labels on the right
  • merge similar strings, unified to "Drop files to upload" (removed "Drop files here", and "Drop files anywhere to upload")
  • makes the "upload-ui" consistent across the media views
  • hides the IE 11 "X" ::-ms-clear button in the Insert from URL field, as it conflicts with the uploading spinner
  • adds comments to all the media templates to clarify their usage
  • slightly increases vertical spacing between form fields in the media sidebar
  • removes some CSS selectors introduced as backwards compatibility for WordPress pre-4.4
  • removes some CSS still targeting Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Fixes #47141.
Fixes #47122.

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  • trunk/src/wp-admin/includes/media.php

    r45450 r45499  
    20732073<div id="drag-drop-area">
    20742074    <div class="drag-drop-inside">
    2075     <p class="drag-drop-info"><?php _e( 'Drop files here' ); ?></p>
     2075    <p class="drag-drop-info"><?php _e( 'Drop files to upload' ); ?></p>
    20762076    <p><?php _ex( 'or', 'Uploader: Drop files here - or - Select Files' ); ?></p>
    20772077    <p class="drag-drop-buttons"><input id="plupload-browse-button" type="button" value="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Select Files' ); ?>" class="button" /></p>
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