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09/01/2019 05:12:43 PM (5 years ago)

I18N: Improve translator comments.

  • Add missing translator comments.
  • Fix placement of some translator comments. Translator comments should be on the line directly above the line containing the translation function call for optimal compatibility with various .pot file generation tools. The CS auto-fixing, which changed some inconsistent function calls to multi-line function calls, is part of the reason why this was no longer the case for a select group of translator comments.

Includes minor code layout fixes.

Polyglots, rejoice! All WordPress core files now have translator comments for all strings with placeholders!

Props jrf, subrataemfluence, GaryJ, webdados, Dency, swissspidy, alvarogois, marcomartins, mihaiiceyro, vladwtz, niq1982, flipkeijzer, michielatyoast, chandrapatel, thrijith, joshuanoyce, FesoVik, tessak22, bhaktirajdev, cleancoded, dhavalkasvala, garrett-eclipse, bibliofille, socalchristina, priyankkpatel, 5hel2l2y, adamsilverstein, JeffPaul, pierlo, SergeyBiryukov.
Fixes #44360.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-admin/network/site-new.php

    r45804 r45926  
    5555        if ( in_array( $domain, $subdirectory_reserved_names ) ) {
    5656            wp_die(
    57                 /* translators: %s: reserved names list */
    5857                sprintf(
     58                    /* translators: %s: reserved names list */
    5959                    __( 'The following words are reserved for use by WordPress functions and cannot be used as blog names: %s' ),
    6060                    '<code>' . implode( '</code>, <code>', $subdirectory_reserved_names ) . '</code>'
    148148            get_site_option( 'admin_email' ),
    149149            sprintf(
    150                 /* translators: %s: network name */
     150                /* translators: New site notification email subject. %s: Network name */
    151151                __( '[%s] New Site Created' ),
    152152                get_network()->site_name
    153153            ),
    154154            sprintf(
    155                 /* translators: 1: user login, 2: site url, 3: site name/title */
     155                /* translators: New site notification email. 1: User login, 2: Site URL, 3: Site title */
    156156                __(
    157157                    'New site created by %1$s
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