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12/28/2019 09:18:03 PM (4 years ago)

Bootstrap/Load: Make handling the /favicon.ico requests more flexible.

Previously, wp_favicon_request() was introduced in [13205] to avoid a performance hit of serving a full 404 page on every favicon request.

While working as intended, that implementation did not provide a way for theme or plugin authors to manage the behavior of favicon requests.

This changeset implements the following logic (only applied if WordPress is installed in the root directory):

  • If there is a Site Icon set in Customizer, redirect /favicon.ico requests to that icon.
  • Otherwise, use the WordPress logo as a default icon.
  • If a physical /favicon.ico file exists, do nothing, let the server handle the request.

Handling /favicon.ico is now more consistent with handling /robots.txt requests.

New functions and hooks:

  • Introduce is_favicon() conditional tag to complement is_robots().
  • Introduce do_favicon action to complement do_robots and use it in template loader.
  • Introduce do_favicon() function, hooked to the above action by default, to complement do_robots().
  • Introduce do_faviconico action to complement do_robotstxt, for plugins to override the default behavior.
  • Mark wp_favicon_request() as deprecated in favor of do_favicon().

Props jonoaldersonwp, birgire, joostdevalk, mukesh27, SergeyBiryukov.
Fixes #47398.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-includes/template-loader.php

    r45590 r47018  
    3636     */
    3737    do_action( 'do_robots' );
     38    return;
     39} elseif ( is_favicon() ) {
     40    /**
     41     * Fired when the template loader determines a favicon.ico request.
     42     *
     43     * @since 5.4.0
     44     */
     45    do_action( 'do_favicon' );
    3846    return;
    3947} elseif ( is_feed() ) {
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