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05/11/2021 07:40:41 PM (3 years ago)

External Libraries: Update the Requests library to version 1.8.0.

While some of the changes in the 1.8.0 release have already been copied to WordPress Core in earlier releases (see [38727], [46258], [47902] and [49382]), this release contains additional improvements, including:

  • A significant performance fix when using cURL.
  • Improved compliance with RFC2616.

The library has also been moved under the WordPress project’s GitHub organization and can now be found at

Props jrf, dd32, rmccue, justinahinon, netweb, schlessera, TimothyBJacobs, soulseekah, ozh, skithund, carlalexander, travisnorthcutt, desrosj.
Fixes #53101.

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