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07/13/2021 04:39:05 PM (3 years ago)

Block Editor: Include the fixes targetted for WordPress 5.8 RC3.

This includes the following fixes:

  • Safari: see if compositing layer size is more reasonable when position fixed divs are not inserted into content.
  • Site Logo Block: update Site Logo block UI and option syncing.
  • Fix moving inner blocks in the Widgets Customizer.
  • Allow themes to provide empty values for color.duotone and spacing.units
  • Update getTermsInfo() to workaround parsing issue for translatable strings.
  • Specify what settings can be part of settings.layout.
  • Update conditions to hide duotone panel.
  • Prevent entering invalid values in the Query Loop block config.
  • Prevent color panel from showing as empty.
  • Avoid calling gutenberg_ functions within code shipped through WordPress Core.

Props desrosj.
See #53397.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-includes/blocks/legacy-widget.php

    r51344 r51421  
    3030        $widget_object = $wp_widget_factory->get_widget_object( $id_base );
    3131    } else {
     32        /*
     33         * This file is copied from the published @wordpress/widgets package when WordPress
     34         * Core is built. Because the package is a dependency of both WordPress Core and the
     35         * Gutenberg plugin where the block editor is developed, this fallback condition is
     36         * required until the minimum required version of WordPress for the plugin is raised
     37         * to 5.8.
     38         */
    3239        $widget_key    = gutenberg_get_widget_key( $id_base );
    3340        $widget_object = gutenberg_get_widget_object( $id_base );
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