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09/01/2021 05:16:08 PM (3 years ago)

Media: Remove documentation detailing specific edge cases in the image_editor_output_format filter.

In [51422], a few specific edge cases were detailed so that developers using the hook were aware of known pitfalls.

These edge cases have been fixed in 5.8.1 through [51653] and [51704], so the documentation is no longer necessary.

Props azaozz, audrasjb.
Fixes #53955.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php

    r51704 r51717  
    352352         * the mapping array is empty, so the mime type matches the source image.
    353353         *
    354          * This should be considered experimental as there are a few edge cases that
    355          * still need to be solved.
    356          *
    357          * When this filter is used in combination with the {@see 'wp_editor_set_quality'}
    358          * filter, the image quality value used will be that of the original mime type,
    359          * not the mapped one. This could result in unexpected image quality for generated
    360          * images. See for more details.
    361          *
    362          * When a mime type is mapped to another, and two images with the same name are
    363          * uploaded (image.jpg and image.webp, for example), the generated images for one
    364          * will potentially overwrite the other's.
    365          * See for more details.
    366          *
    367354         * @see WP_Image_Editor::get_output_format()
    368355         *
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