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11/09/2021 06:58:59 PM (3 years ago)

REST API: Introduce Menu management endpoints.

This commit introduces the /wp/v2/menus, /wp/v2/menu-items and /wp/v2/menu-locations REST API endpoints. These endpoints are fully available to users with the edit_theme_options capability, but can be read by any user who can edit a REST API available post type.

The nav_menu taxonomy and nav_menu_item post type now map their capabilities to the edit_theme_options primitive capability. This allows developers to provide more fine-grained access control. However, if a developer is currently dynamically removing the edit_theme_options capability using map_meta_cap, they should use the user_has_cap filter instead.

The wp_update_nav_menu_item() function has been adjusted to return an error if saving the menu item post or assigning the menu item to a menu generate an error.

Lastly, a new menu item type is introduced, block, that can be used to store a Block as a menu item.

Props andraganescu, antonvlasenko, dingo_d, dlh, isabel_brison, kadamwhite, Mamaduka, NateWr, noisysocks, peterwilsoncc, ryelle, schlessera, soean, Spacedmonkey, talldanwp, TimothyBlynJacobs, tobifjellner, westonruter, wpscholar, zieladam.
Fixes #40878.

1 edited


  • trunk/tests/phpunit/tests/rest-api/rest-taxonomies-controller.php

    r51964 r52079  
    6969        $response   = rest_get_server()->dispatch( $request );
    7070        $data       = $response->get_data();
    71         $taxonomies = $this->get_public_taxonomies( get_taxonomies( '', 'objects' ) );
     71        $taxonomies = get_taxonomies( '', 'objects' );
     72        unset( $taxonomies['nav_menu'] ); // Menus are not editable by contributors.
     73        $taxonomies = $this->get_public_taxonomies( $taxonomies );
    7274        $this->assertSame( count( $taxonomies ), count( $data ) );
    7375        $this->assertSame( 'Categories', $data['category']['name'] );
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