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11/16/2021 02:55:04 PM (3 years ago)

Taxonomy: Allow get_*_*_link() and edit_term_link() functions to accept a term ID, WP_Term, or term object.

get_term() accepts a term ID, instance of WP_Term, or an object (i.e. stdClass as a result of a db query). Functions that use get_term() also now allow for the same data types.

Why? For consistency, removing extra processing code in consuming functions, and performance.

Functions changed in this commit are:

  • get_category_feed_link()
  • get_term_feed_link()
  • get_tag_feed_link()
  • get_edit_tag_link()
  • get_edit_term_link()
  • edit_term_link()

For each of consumer of these functions, changes to pass the object instead of the term ID.

Includes unit/integration tests for test coverage of these changes.

Follow-up to [6365], [9136], [9340], [14711], [15792], [15800], [18827], [32606], [36646], [37252].

Props davidbinda, johnbillion, peterwilsoncc, hellofromTonya, sergeybiryukov, mista-flo, hareesh-pillai, audrasjb, jeffpaul, chaion07.
Fixes #50225.

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