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11/23/2021 05:38:45 AM (3 years ago)

Update @wordpress packages

Update packages to include these bug fixes from Gutenberg:

  • FSE: Add welcome guide
  • Update theme styles for the code block
  • Add feature flag to toggle the new site editor sidebar
  • Add templates list page for site editor
  • Cover Block: Fix default background dim
  • E2E: Add more Cover block tests
  • Cover Block: Fix regressions
  • Post Comments Form: ensure typography styles are applied to child elements
  • Navigation: Fix space-between
  • Fix background colours in nested submenus.
  • Fix duplicate custom classnames in navigation submenu block
  • Fix colour rendering in Navigation overlay
  • Fix: Add ability to opt out of Core color palette V2
  • Change @package to WordPress in block-library
  • Make the core color palette opt-in for themes with not theme.json
  • Remove textdomain from calendar block
  • Page List block: fix space before href attribute
  • Try: Let Featured Image block inherit dimensions, look like a placeholder
  • [Global Styles]: Add block icon next to blocks list
  • Page List: Use core entities instead of direct apiFetch
  • Site Editor: Stabilize export endpoint
  • Fix mobile horizontal scrollbar.
  • Multi-entity save: Only set site entity to pending if really saving
  • Add page list to navigation direct insert conditions
  • Implement "Add New" for templates list in Site Editor
  • Post Featured Image: Remove withNotices HOC
  • Fix page list missing button styles when set to open on click.
  • Make appender fixed position to avoid jumps in the UI
  • Color UI component: reorder palettes and update names (core by defaults, user by custom)
  • Remove the Styles link in Site Editor
  • GlobalStyles sidebar: do not show default palette if theme opts-out
  • Only render the site editor canvas when the global styles are ready.
  • Global Styles: rename core origin key to default for presets
  • Clarify i18n context for PostTemplateActions's "New" label
  • Revert erroneous native editor package version bumps
  • Try: Hide the columns inserter in pattern previews.
  • Fix site editor region navigation
  • Update navigation sidebar responsiveness
  • Add _wp_array_set and _wp_to_kebab_case to 5.8 compat
  • Make user able to change all color palette origins
  • Site Editor: Update hrefs to not specifically refer to themes.php?page=gutenberg-edit-site
  • Site Editor: Validate the postType query argument
  • Navigation: Scale submenu icon.
  • Move the theme editor under tools for FSE themes
  • Deprecate navigation areas

See #54487.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-includes/post.php

    r52215 r52232  
    358358            'has_archive'           => false,
    359359            'show_ui'               => wp_is_block_template_theme(),
    360             'show_in_menu'          => 'themes.php',
     360            'show_in_menu'          => false,
    361361            'show_in_rest'          => true,
    362362            'rewrite'               => false,
    417417            'has_archive'           => false,
    418418            'show_ui'               => wp_is_block_template_theme(),
    419             'show_in_menu'          => 'themes.php',
     419            'show_in_menu'          => false,
    420420            'show_in_rest'          => true,
    421421            'rewrite'               => false,
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