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11/30/2021 12:22:30 AM (2 years ago)

Update @wordpress packages

Update packages to include these bug fixes from Gutenberg:

  • Update Pattern block category and add documentation
  • Fix non existent menu handling in nav block
  • Make Reusable blocks available in the Site Editor
  • Add caching to WP_Theme_JSON_Resolver_Gutenberg::get_user_data_from_custom_post_type()
  • theme.json: add appearanceTools flag to opt-in into appearance UI controls
  • Update the block theme folders to templates and parts
  • Remove reference to gutenberg_, swap with wp_
  • Use table layout in templates list screen
  • Update featured image placeholder graphic.
  • [Inserter]: Adjust order of theme blocks and reorder inserter items
  • Implement suitable fallback for Nav block on front end of site when no menu selected
  • Toggle Group Control: add tooltip
  • Use first non-empty Nav post as primary fallback for Nav block
  • Change .nvmrc and documentation for Node.js version (LTS to 14.18.1)
  • Update: Migrate global styles user database data on the rest endpoint
  • Update global styles public API
  • Update: Rename user preset origin to custom
  • Try always generating navigation post title
  • Show all templates and template parts on the site editor list screens
  • Highlight "Site" in the navigation panel
  • Fix template part slug generation when creating through the block placeholder
  • [Block Library - Post Title]: Fix render error when setting Page to homepage
  • Add 'Clear customizations' button to template list page
  • Gallery v1: Allow clicks within replace media placeholder state
  • Site Editor: Set the <title> on the list page to be same as the CPT name
  • Gallery: Fix stuck image size options loader
  • Cover: Fix undo trap
  • Add success and error snackbars to the templates list page
  • Fix: theme colors cannot override defaults
  • Fix: Color palette is not being stored
  • Add elements support to the typography panel in global styles
  • Make links plural in global styles
  • Add: Gradient palette editor
  • Update some small style regressions in the template list
  • Add: Transparency support on global styles colors
  • Fix: apply by slug on all origins
  • Render empty Nav block if no fallback block can be utilised
  • Allow filtering of Nav block fallback
  • Fix Nav block fallback DB query to match on full block grammar start tag
  • Remove unstable max pages attribute from Nav block
  • DateTimePicker: set PM hours correctly
  • Update delete template button
  • Site Editor: Template list add rename action
  • Fix Nav block editing wrong entity on creation of new Menu
  • [REST] Restore the missing double slash in the ID received by /templates
  • Add icons to navigation sidebar items
  • Update function names for the public global styles API functions
  • Templates Controller: Add missing 'is_custom' prop
  • Rename gutenberg_ to wp_ for some functions that land in WordPress 5.9
  • [Block Library - Template Part]:Remove support for conversion to Reusable block
  • Global Styles: Call "palettes" and not "color palettes" on panel label
  • Add button text when no colors found
  • Update: Global Styes: Count all color palette origins on the palette counter
  • Rename navigationMenuId to ref
  • Offset the parent iframe when computing Popover position
  • Fix: Failing PHPUnit test
  • Show theme, plugin or author in Added By column with appropriate icon or avatar
  • Add origin and author to template rest api

See #54487.
Props talldanwp, mamaduka, oandregal.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-includes/blocks/site-title/block.json

    r52042 r52275  
    33    "name": "core/site-title",
    44    "title": "Site Title",
    5     "category": "design",
     5    "category": "theme",
    66    "description": "Displays the name of this site. Update the block, and the changes apply everywhere it’s used. This will also appear in the browser title bar and in search results.",
    77    "textdomain": "default",
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