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12/21/2021 07:00:16 AM (3 years ago)

Update @wordpress packages for Beta 4

Update packages with these bug fixes from Gutenberg:

Navigation: Remove hardcoded typography units
Handle parsed request
Navigation: Refactor modal padding to be simpler and more flexible
Show notice on save in site editor
Add aria-pressed true/false to Toggle navigation button based on state
Components FontSizePicker: Use incremental sequence of numbers
Custom keys from theme.json: fix kebabCase conversion
Template Part: Fix 'isMissing' condition check
Multi-Entity Saving: Decode HTML entities in item titles
Font sizes: update default values
Query Loop: Add useBlockPreview, fix Query Loop wide alignment
Only add dialog role to navigation when modal is open
Fix navigation appender
Show a UI warning when user does not have permission to update/edit a Navigation block
Block editor: Fix Enter handling for nested blocks
Update: Use subtitle styles for the palette names
Allow publishing a post while not saving changes to non-post entities
Update: Block top level useSetting paths
Fix Site Logo block alignment issues
Editor: when Toggle navigation receives state false, focus
ToolsPanel: Allow items to register when panelId is null
Block Support Panels - Make block support tools panels compatible
Gallery: Fix block registration hook priority
Navigation: Fix page list issues in overlay
Ensure the overlay menu works when inserting navigation block pattern
Restrict Navigation permissions and show UI warning if cannot create
Add block gap support for group blocks
Try cascading nav styles through classnames
Fix: Impossible to edit theme and default colors
Fix: Color editor discards colors with default name
Site Editor: Fix template author avatar check
Template Editing Mode: Fix options dropdown
Avoid undo issues when reset parent blocks for controlled blocks
Add comment-form and comment-list to html5 theme support and fix comment layout

Props hellofromtonya.
See #54487.

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