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12/21/2021 08:04:54 PM (2 years ago)

Administration: Add "File" to Theme/Plugin Editor menu names and relocate "Plugin File Editor" to Tools for block themes.

[52232] relocated the Theme Editor menu item from Appearance to Tools for block themes. This commit relocates the Plugin Editor menu item from Plugins to Tools for block themes for a consistent workflow.

Both the Theme Editor and Plugin Editor menu items are renamed to "Theme File Editor" and "Plugin File Editor" respectively. Why? To better identify their purpose, i.e. to directly edit the code in the theme or plugin files. The rename is not limited to only block themes.

Follow-up to [52232].

Props poena, annezazu, audrasjb, clorith, courane01, costdev, dryanpress, desrosj, hellofromTonya, ipstenu, jameskoster, joen, johnbillion, joyously, manfcarlo, marybaum, pbiron, SergeyBiryukov, walbo, youknowriad.
Fixes #54382.

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  • trunk/src/wp-admin/theme-editor.php

    r52330 r52406  
    3  * Theme editor administration panel.
     3 * Theme file editor administration panel.
    44 *
    55 * @package WordPress
    2828        'title'   => __( 'Overview' ),
    2929        'content' =>
    30                 '<p>' . __( 'You can use the theme editor to edit the individual CSS and PHP files which make up your theme.' ) . '</p>' .
     30                '<p>' . __( 'You can use the theme file editor to edit the individual CSS and PHP files which make up your theme.' ) . '</p>' .
    3131                '<p>' . __( 'Begin by choosing a theme to edit from the dropdown menu and clicking the Select button. A list then appears of the theme&#8217;s template files. Clicking once on any file name causes the file to appear in the large Editor box.' ) . '</p>' .
    3232                '<p>' . __( 'For PHP files, you can use the Documentation dropdown to select from functions recognized in that file. Look Up takes you to a web page with reference material about that particular function.' ) . '</p>' .
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