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01/04/2022 05:37:25 AM (3 years ago)

Update @wordpress packages

Update packages to include these bug fixes from Gutenberg:

  • Site Logo: Add option to set site icon from Site Logo block
  • Navigation: Enable even more compact setup state.
  • Remove template parts from post content inserter an unstable filter
  • Template Editor Mode: Hide editor mode switcher
  • Avoid using CSS variables for block gap styles
  • Try to fix auto resizing in template part focus mode
  • Lower the specificity of font size CSS Custom Properties in the editor
  • Site icon: Fix site icon styling to display non-square site icons within a square button
  • [Site Editor]: Register block editor shortcuts
  • Update regex to handle 404 template slug
  • Site Editor: Remove dead code
  • [Block Editor]: Restrict delete multi selected blocks shortcut
  • Fix: Gradients are not being applied by class
  • Update: Make the global styles subtitles font smaller
  • Post Content/Title: Reflect changes when previewing post
  • ServerSideRender: Fix loading state
  • [Block Library]: Fix editable post blocks in Query Loop with zero queryId
  • Post Excerpt: Fix previews
  • WP59: Contextualize "Export" string to differentiate it from other occurrences in WP Core
  • Tools Panel: Fix race conditions caused by conditionally displayed ToolsPanelItems
  • ToolsPanel: Allow items to register when panelId is null
  • Font Size Picker: Allow non-integers as simple CSS values and in hints
  • [Components - FontSizePicker]: Use incremental sequence of numbers as labels for the available font-sizes at the segmented control (conditionally)

See #54487.

1 edited


  • trunk/src/wp-includes/blocks/site-logo/block.json

    r52402 r52434  
    1717            "type": "string",
    1818            "default": "_self"
     19        },
     20        "shouldSyncIcon": {
     21            "type": "boolean"
    1922        }
    2023    },
    2225        "viewportWidth": 500,
    2326        "attributes": {
    24             "width": 350
     27            "width": 350,
     28            "className": "block-editor-block-types-list__site-logo-example"
    2529        }
    2630    },
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