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02/28/2022 09:36:22 PM (2 years ago)

External Libraries: Upgrade PHPMailer to version 6.6.0.

This is a minor feature release.

Prior to this version, any OAuth provider needed to extend the provided OAuth base class, and this made it difficult to use with libraries other than ones based on the default league client packages. The OAuth property now accepts anything that implements the OAuthProviderInterface, making it much easier to use things like Google's own OAuth classes. Existing implementations that extend the provided OAuth base class will still work, as that base class now implements this interface too.

When TLS errors occurred in PHPMailer, the error messages were often missing important info that might help diagnose/solve the problem. These error messages should now be more informative. A minor change is that a TLS error on SMTP connect will now throw an exception if exceptions are enabled.

Release notes:

For a full list of changes in this update, see the PHPMailer GitHub:

Follow-up to [50628], [50799], [51169], [51634], [51635], [52252], [52749].

Props jrf, Synchro, miken32.
Fixes #55277.

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  • trunk/src/wp-includes/PHPMailer/SMTP.php

    r52749 r52811  
    3636     * @var string
    3737     */
    38     const VERSION = '6.5.4';
     38    const VERSION = '6.6.0';
    4040    /**
    484484     * @param string $password The password
    485485     * @param string $authtype The auth type (CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, LOGIN, XOAUTH2)
    486      * @param OAuth  $OAuth    An optional OAuth instance for XOAUTH2 authentication
     486     * @param OAuthTokenProvider $OAuth An optional OAuthTokenProvider instance for XOAUTH2 authentication
    487487     *
    488488     * @return bool True if successfully authenticated
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