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08/25/2022 03:34:24 PM (21 months ago)

Code Modernization: Explicitly declare all properties in various tests.

Dynamic (non-explicitly declared) properties are deprecated as of PHP 8.2 and are expected to become a fatal error in PHP 9.0.

In each of the cases included in this commit, one or more individual tests set a property to allow a filter or action access to certain information.

This commit:

  • Explicitly declares these properties and documents in which tests they are being used.
  • Adds a reset to the default value of the property to a pre-existing tear_down() method or adds that method specifically for that purpose. This ensures that tests do not accidentally “taint” each other.

As these properties are being declared on test classes, they are marked as private. Even though the original dynamic property was public, this should not be considered a backward compatibility break as this only involves test classes.


  • In the Tests_Post_Query class, there were two tests assigning a value to an undeclared $post_id property, but subsequently not using the property, so those assignments should have been to a local variable (if they should be assignments at all).
  • In the Test_User_Capabilities class, the property name had a leading _ underscore. This is an outdated PHP 4 practice to indicate a private property. As PHP 4 is no longer supported, the leading underscore is removed from the property name.
  • In the Tests_User_Capabilities class, an unused $_role_test_wp_roles_role property was declared somewhere in the middle of the class. That property is now removed in favor of $_role_test_wp_roles_init, which appears to be the intended name, previously misspelled.

Follow-up to [27294], [36277], [36750], [37712], [38571], [39082], [40290], [43049], [44628], [48328], [53557], [53558], [53850], [53851], [53852], [53853], [53854], [53856], [53916], [53935], [53936], [53937], [53938].

Props jrf.
See #56033.

1 edited


  • trunk/tests/phpunit/tests/admin/wpPrivacyRequestsTable.php

    r51462 r53942  
    1717 */
    1818class Tests_Admin_wpPrivacyRequestsTable extends WP_UnitTestCase {
     20    /**
     21     * Temporary storage for SQL to allow a filter to access it.
     22     *
     23     * Used in the `test_columns_should_be_sortable()` test method.
     24     *
     25     * @var string
     26     */
     27    private $sql;
     29    /**
     30     * Clean up after each test.
     31     */
     32    public function tear_down() {
     33        unset( $this->sql );
     35        parent::tear_down();
     36    }
    1938    /**
    2039     * Get instance for mocked class.
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