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Changeset 54269 for trunk/phpcs.xml.dist

09/20/2022 09:19:10 PM (22 months ago)

Editor: Adds template types, is_wp_suggestion, and fallback template content.

This commit improves site editor templates by:

  • Adds a post meta is_wp_suggestion to templates created from the site editor.

Why? To differentiate the templates created from the post editor in the Template panel in inspector controls and the templates suggested in site editor.

See Gutenberg PR 41387 for more details.

  • Expands the template types that can be added to the site editor to include single custom post type and specific posts templates.

See Gutenberg PR 41189 for more details.

  • Adds fallback template content on creation in site editor:
    • Introduces get_template_hierarchy() to get the template hierarchy for a given template slug to be created.
    • Adds a lookup route to WP_REST_Templates_Controller to get the fallback template content.

See Gutenberg PR 42520 for more details.

  • Fixes a typo in default category template's description within get_default_block_template_types().

See Gutenberg PR 42586 for more details.

  • Changes field checks from in_array() to rest_is_field_included() in WP_REST_Post_Types_Controller.
  • Adds an icon field to WP_REST_Post_Types_Controller

Follow-up to [53129], [52331], [52275], [52062], [51962], [43087].

Props ntsekouras, spacedmonkey, mamaduka, mburridge, jameskoster, bernhard-reiter, mcsf, hellofromTonya.
See #56467.

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  • trunk/phpcs.xml.dist

    r53800 r54269  
    238238                <!-- Test case parent classes outside of the "includes" folder. -->
    239239                <element value="Tests_Query_Conditionals"/>
     240                <element value="WP_Block_Templates_UnitTestCase"/>
    240241                <element value="WP_Filesystem_UnitTestCase"/>
    241242                <element value="WP_HTTP_UnitTestCase"/>
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