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02/10/2023 02:59:04 AM (16 months ago)

Build/Test Tools: Add a devcontainer for Codespaces support.

This adds a devcontainer configuration tested for use with GitHub Codespaces. It is currently built on top of the Docker wordpress image for initial trial purposes. We should eventually be using our own containers to fully own the environment.

This should be considered a beta run to get a sense of how well cloud dev containers work for core contributors, in particular at contributor day events with limited bandwidth and mobile devices.

Props samruddhikhandale, dinhtungdu, helen, craiglpeters, sam1el, wirecat.
See #57187.

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    88## Getting Started
     10### Using GitHub Codespaces
     12To get started, create a codespace for this repository by clicking this 👇
     14[![Open in GitHub Codespaces](](
     16A codespace will open in a web-based version of Visual Studio Code. The [dev container](.devcontainer/devcontainer.json) is fully configured with softwares needed for this project.
     18**Note**: Dev containers is an open spec which is supported by [GitHub Codespaces]( and [other tools](
     20In some browsers the keyboard shortcut for opening the command palette (Ctrl/Command + Shift + P) may collide with a browser shortcut. The command palette can be opened via the `F1` key or via the cog icon in the bottom left of the editor.
     22When opening your codespace, be sure to wait for the `postCreateCommand` to finish running to ensure your WordPress install is successfully set up. This can take a few minutes.
     24### Local development
    1026WordPress is a PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript based project, and uses Node for its JavaScript dependencies. A local development environment is available to quickly get up and running.
    109125* Password: `password`
     127**Note:** With Codespaces, open the portforwarded URL from the ports tab in the terminal, and append `/wp-admin` to login to the site.
    111129To generate a new password (recommended):
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