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03/01/2023 05:01:14 PM (14 months ago)

Help/About: Improve help text about the WordPress URL and Site URL settings.

This aims to elaborate a bit more on the difference between these two settings, as well as explain the http:// or https:// prefix.

Follow-up to [15000], [19472].

Props marybaum, sabernhardt, tobifjellner, justinahinon, webcommsat, hellofromtonya, audrasjb, robinwpdeveloper, costdev, SergeyBiryukov.
Fixes #50886.

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  • trunk/src/wp-admin/network/settings.php

    r55418 r55452  
    5454            '<p>' . __( 'New site settings are defaults applied when a new site is created in the network. These include welcome email for when a new site or user account is registered, and what&#8127;s put in the first post, page, comment, comment author, and comment URL.' ) . '</p>' .
    5555            '<p>' . __( 'Upload settings control the size of the uploaded files and the amount of available upload space for each site. You can change the default value for specific sites when you edit a particular site. Allowed file types are also listed (space separated only).' ) . '</p>' .
    56             '<p>' . __( 'You can set the language, and the translation files will be automatically downloaded and installed (available if your filesystem is writable).' ) . '</p>' .
     56            '<p>' . __( 'You can set the language, and WordPress will automatically download and install the translation files (available if your filesystem is writable).' ) . '</p>' .
    5757            '<p>' . __( 'Menu setting enables/disables the plugin menus from appearing for non super admins, so that only super admins, not site admins, have access to activate plugins.' ) . '</p>' .
    5858            '<p>' . __( 'Super admins can no longer be added on the Options screen. You must now go to the list of existing users on Network Admin > Users and click on Username or the Edit action link below that name. This goes to an Edit User page where you can check a box to grant super admin privileges.' ) . '</p>',
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