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08/10/2023 08:35:55 AM (12 months ago)
Bernhard Reiter

HTML API: Add support for BUTTON element.

This patch adds support to process the BUTTON element. This requires adding some additional semantic rules to handle situations where a BUTTON element is already in scope.

Also included is a fixup to enforce that WP_HTML_Processor::next_tag() never returns for a tag closer. This is useful with the Tag Processor, but not for the HTML Processor. There were tests relying on this behavior to assert that internal processes were working as they should, but those tests have been updated to use the semi-private step() function, which does stop on tag closers.

This patch is one in a series of changes to expand support within the HTML API, moving gradually to allow for more focused changes that are easier to review and test. The HTML Processor is a work in progress with a certain set of features slated to be ready and tested by 6.4.0, but it will only contain partial support of the HTML5 specification even after that. Whenever it cannot positively recognize and process its input it bails, and certain function stubs and logical stubs exist to structure future expansions of support.

Props dmsnell.
Fixes #58961.

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