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Changeset 56687 for trunk/composer.json

09/25/2023 09:03:19 PM (5 months ago)

Script Loader: Use wp_get_script_tag() and wp_get_inline_script_tag()/wp_print_inline_script_tag() helper functions to output scripts on the frontend and login screen.

Using script tag helper functions allows plugins to employ the wp_script_attributes and wp_inline_script_attributes filters to inject the nonce attribute to apply Content Security Policy (e.g. Strict CSP). Use of helper functions also simplifies logic in WP_Scripts.

  • Update wp_get_inline_script_tag() to wrap inline script in CDATA blocks for XHTML-compatibility when not using HTML5.
  • Ensure the type attribute is printed first in wp_get_inline_script_tag() for back-compat.
  • Wrap existing <script> tags in output buffering to retain IDE supports.
  • In wp_get_inline_script_tag(), append the newline to $javascript before it is passed into the wp_inline_script_attributes filter so that the CSP hash can be computed properly.
  • In the_block_template_skip_link(), opt to enqueue the inline script rather than print it.
  • Add ext-php to composer.json under suggest as previously it was an undeclared dependency for running PHPUnit tests.
  • Update tests to rely on DOMDocument to compare script markup, normalizing unsemantic differences.

Props westonruter, spacedmonkey, flixos90, 10upsimon, dmsnell, mukesh27, joemcgill, swissspidy, azaozz.
Fixes #58664.
See #39941.

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  • trunk/composer.json

    r56421 r56687  
    1212    "require": {
    1313        "php": ">=7.0"
     14    },
     15    "suggest": {
     16        "ext-dom": "*"
    1417    },
    1518    "require-dev": {
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