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11/05/2023 07:38:33 PM (9 months ago)

Editor: Update of npm packages after 6.4 RC3.

This update includes the following fixes reported after RC3:

Scenario: When creating a new post for any custom post type registered with its "template" argument set to a pattern.

For this scenario, the pattern template no longer renders in the post editor or the frontend with 6.4, whereas it did render properly in 6.3.2.

This package update resolves the console error raised:

Uncaught TypeError: select(...).getCurrentTheme() is undefined 

which restores the rendering of the pattern template.

Follow up to [57048], [57034], [56987], [56961], [56849], [56818], [56816].

Reviewed by jorbin.
Merges [57063] to the 6.4 branch.

Props renathoc, rajinsharwar, richtabor, joen, mikachan, hellofromTonya.
Fixes #59411.

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