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Changeset 57346

01/24/2024 07:00:51 PM (3 months ago)

Editor: update npm packages in trunk for 6.4.3.

Package Update includes fixes for:

  • Fix block rename control shown in "Advanced" for unsupported blocks
  • Query block: remove unnecessary class
  • Fix duotone not showing in site editor style block level styles
  • Query Loop - Add accessibility markup at the end of the loop in all cases.
  • Background Image Support: Hide the background image reset button when there's no image
  • Background image support: Fix focus loss when resetting background image
  • Autocomplete: Fix Voiceover not announcing suggestions
  • Fix pattern category renaming causing potential duplicate categories
  • Patterns: use existing download function for JSON downloads to fix non-ASCII encoding
  • Add context for translators to any unclear usage of "synced"
  • Image block: Add check for lightbox values during image block migration
  • Image Block: Enable image block to be selected correctly when clicked
  • Reduce specificity of default Cover text color styles.
  • Image Block: Fix deprecation when width/height attribute is number
  • Text selection: show CSS hack to Safari only.
  • SlotFill: Allow contextual SlotFillProviders

Reviewed by peterwilsoncc.
Merges [57258] and [57109] to 6.4 branch.

Props mikachan, isabel_brison, kebbet, artemiosans, talldanwp, ramonopoly, alexstine, andrewserong, mamaduka, cbravobernal, ajlende, luisherranz, wildworks, poena, czapla, andraganescu, joen, ellatrix, youknowriad, ntsekouras.
Fixes #59828.

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