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Stars Ticket Summary Owner Component Version Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
2 #53356 Themes admin page: make theme details, active, and preview links always visible Travel_girl Themes normal normal Future Release enhancement has-patch 04/23/2024
2 #49714 Explore UI for destructive controls & contexts Travel_girl Administration normal normal Future Release enhancement reporter-feedback 01/29/2024
25 #24579 Add Drag'n'Drop UI to plugin and theme manual uploaders Upgrade/Install normal normal Future Release enhancement 12/18/2023
15 #49999 Iterating on Admin Color Schemes ryelle Administration normal normal 5.7 task (blessed) needs-docs 07/25/2023
7 #50673 Create "Accessibility Statement" tool with features equivalent to Privacy Policy Tools audrasjb General normal normal Future Release feature request dev-feedback 07/21/2023
11 #31818 Uniform Search Form Display/Experience joedolson* Administration 4.2 normal normal Future Release enhancement 04/28/2023
6 #37934 Separate account settings and profile settings Users normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 01/10/2023
8 #36583 Make "Save Draft" the predominant button when editting a not-published post General normal normal enhancement 12/10/2022
4 #42334 Enter/Escape keys don't have an affect in the locked content modal Editor normal normal enhancement 06/25/2021
7 #30240 Tell if theme is a child theme in wp-admin/network/themes.php SergeyBiryukov Themes 4.0 normal normal 5.8 enhancement has-patch 05/24/2021
7 #33627 In-Context Comment Moderation Comments normal normal Future Release enhancement 01/27/2021
2 #25214 Behaviour when deleting menu items with sub-menus Menus normal normal defect (bug) 12/21/2020
9 #35186 Put the Customizer "back" button next to the "Close" button Customize 4.4 normal normal Future Release enhancement 11/22/2020
1 #41634 image-edit button icon titles nrqsnchz Media normal normal enhancement 09/04/2019
4 #38061 Rename the text window name on the editor Editor normal normal Future Release enhancement has-patch 06/21/2019
3 #39793 Scrolling up in the sticky post text editor does not scroll the page up to top Editor normal normal Future Release defect (bug) 06/05/2019
2 #29875 Inconsistent button styles for install chriscct7 Upgrade/Install 4.0 normal normal defect (bug) 05/20/2019
8 #36612 Add Ratings into the Add New Theme page desrosj Customize normal normal 5.2 enhancement commit 03/21/2019
4 #40123 Improve media uploading flow Media normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 01/14/2019
1 #42647 Underline links in the plugin description for installed plugins afercia Plugins normal normal 5.1 defect (bug) has-patch 10/12/2018
13 #40432 Customizer: Should we stop contextually hiding features? Customize 4.0 normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 09/12/2018
4 #39289 TinyMCE wpview: make inserting oEmbed previews smoother TinyMCE normal normal defect (bug) 03/20/2018
3 #36572 Read more link more accessible Kau-Boy Themes normal normal 4.6 enhancement dev-feedback 11/20/2017
4 #36279 Add an "add new menu" button to the menu locations section in the customizer bpayton Customize 4.3 normal normal 4.9 task (blessed) has-patch 10/18/2017
5 #30186 Add plugin icons to plugin list table in update-core.php pento Plugins normal normal 4.9 enhancement has-patch 10/04/2017
1 #31604 Weird selection blue in the Theme Editor melchoyce Administration lowest trivial 4.9 defect (bug) has-patch 09/25/2017
#40222 Search is not consistent in Dashboard General normal normal enhancement 03/27/2017
2 #39852 Change the confusing "Screen Options" button text Administration normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 03/21/2017
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