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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

By default, this report shows tickets for the current user, however, you may view other users' patches using URL like: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/report/29?USER=username, where username should be replaced with a WordPress.org username.

Colored rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#37703 5.9 new enhancement Optimise `wp_delete_comment` as called from `wp_delete_post` dev-feedback Comments normal normal 10/24/2019
#15145 5.9 reviewing enhancement Add a wp_list_users() template tag has-patch Users 3.1 normal normal 08/07/2017
#17019 5.9 reviewing enhancement add hooks for Media Library attachment counts needs-testing Query 2.5 normal normal 04/13/2016
#17025 5.9 new enhancement wp_list_authors() is not filterable has-patch Query normal normal 04/13/2016
#9257 Awaiting Review assigned enhancement EXIF GPS data dev-feedback Media 2.7 normal normal 08/25/2017
#42883 Future new enhancement Use sargable queries for date-based lookups for posts dev-feedback Query 3.7 normal normal 02/07/2018
#17268 Future new enhancement Use native gettext library when available has-patch I18N normal normal 09/26/2017
#40538 Future accepted task (blessed) Fix or remove useless PHPUnit tests has-patch Build/Test Tools normal normal 08/17/2017
#14148 Future reviewing defect (bug) wp_get_attachment_url() is not url encoding dev-feedback Media 3.0 major normal 01/22/2017
#28112 Future assigned enhancement bulk_edit_posts() function needs an action hook dev-feedback Quick/Bulk Edit 3.9 normal normal 08/21/2016
#12955 Future new feature request Add get_post filter dev-feedback Posts, Post Types normal normal 10/15/2015
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