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#36457 Customizer Device Preview: Use px units for tablet preview size jorbin defect (bug) normal Customize 4.5
#36458 Fix support for Safari + VoiceOver when editing inline links afercia defect (bug) normal Editor 4.5
#36498 Shrinkwrap npm dependencies for 4.5 jorbin task (blessed) normal Build/Test Tools 4.5
#36501 Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'ALPHACHANNEL_UNDEFINED' mikeschroder defect (bug) normal Media 4.5
#36506 Duplicate directives in web.config after WordPress 4.5 installation on Windows swissspidy defect (bug) normal Rewrite Rules 4.5
#36510 Twenty eleven page templates with widgets incorrectly styled swissspidy defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 4.5
#36545 WordPress TinyMCE toolbar/tabs unresponsive in Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 beta-m (64-bit) azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 4.5
#36578 wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editor() bug joemcgill defect (bug) normal Media 4.5
#36604 Emoji skin tone support test incorrectly passing in Chrome pento defect (bug) normal Emoji 4.5
#36620 Feeds using an rss-http content type are now served as application/octet-stream defect (bug) normal Feeds 4.5
#36621 Don't cache the results of wp_mkdir_p() in a persistent cache ocean90 defect (bug) normal Media 4.5
#36629 Database connect functions can cause un-catchable warnings pento defect (bug) normal Database 4.5
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