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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#4371 Category hierarchy is screwed up ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq General
#4702 Fatal error when making child category ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq Administration 2.3
#4731 Inline tags in title attribute for post permalinks not stripped defect (bug) highest omg bbq Template 2.2.2
#4855 "Save and Continue Editing" is broken defect (bug) highest omg bbq Administration 2.3
#4884 wp_nonce_url() is generating broken URLs markjaquith defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 2.3
#5035 wp-admin/edit.php misses a closing brace defect (bug) highest omg bbq Administration 2.3
#3279 Theme doesn't load properly when theme directory name contains a '+' sign westi defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#3514 IIS fix for get_pagenum_link markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.0
#3540 Scroll bar partially hidden in Code editor andy defect (bug) high Administration 2.1
#3595 Links and link categories not filtered by get_links_list rob1n enhancement high General 2.0.7
#3851 No Categories show when Add/Edit Link on Blogroll defect (bug) high Administration 2.1.1
#4147 Separate post and link category management and taxonomy ryan defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#4180 Multiple categories management fails in admin defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#4191 major rework of wp-app.php ryan enhancement high XML-RPC
#4236 get_theme_data() doesn't clean up html in theme data. rob1n defect (bug) high Administration 2.1.3
#4262 tinyMCE update to rob1n enhancement high TinyMCE 2.2
#4296 wp_mail removes the Content-Type rob1n defect (bug) high General 2.2
#4349 Category-based permalinks broken in trunk ryan defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4387 get_comment is not cached ryan defect (bug) high General 2.2
#4406 Blogger importer can orphan comments on already imported posts defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#4409 KSES removes text after a non-tag less than sign mdawaffe defect (bug) high General 2.2
#4413 Auto save generate "0" taxonomy defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4415 Category editing doesn't edit name ! defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4434 Add id's to fieldsets in wp-admin/profile.php rob1n enhancement high Administration 2.2
#4442 in_category() is broken technosailor defect (bug) high Template 2.3
#4443 Path to install.css is wrong on the "you haven't installed WP yet" page defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4458 users who no longer have the ability to save posts get their posts "stolen" if the post is edited. markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#4499 Equality checks in query.php can break permalinks markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.2
#4506 "Posts Tagged xxx" In Archives In Default Theme Doesn't Show Tag Name pishmishy defect (bug) high Template 2.3
#4532 Saving a post with attachments deletes the post's tags defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4537 Categories are gone in RSS and Atom feeds ryan defect (bug) high Template 2.3
#4571 broken option values after saving markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4614 Importer as plugin westi enhancement high General 2.3
#4625 apply_filters is broken defect (bug) high General 2.2.1
#4663 cannot load plugin defect (bug) high Administration 2.2.1
#4664 Reloading the post editing screen in Firefox turns a post from Published to Private mdawaffe defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4682 WXR import/export doesn't support importing/exporting of tags defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4710 A small patch to fix future posting markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4733 need a get function for tag list defect (bug) high Template 2.3
#4752 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in import.php on line 19 defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4772 database error: Table 'wordpress.wp_deletable_options' doesn't exist , update.php defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4773 Canonical URL addition causes redirection problems markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4811 CSRF & XSS on some importers defect (bug) high Security 2.3
#4813 Upgrade from 2.0.x to 2.3 breaks links defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4820 Regex fix for $pagelinkedfrom (xmlrpc.php) defect (bug) high XML-RPC 2.3
#4825 post_deleted in wp-includes/widget.php should be deleted_post westi defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4829 Blog by Email didn't select default category and post content missing defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4841 Displaying "Array" everywhere and cannot post defect (bug) high General 2.2.1
#4845 Category to Tag converter allows you to convert the default category ryan defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4847 Google Blogger API changed hostnames ryan defect (bug) high Administration 2.2.2
#4853 Changeset 5889 broke my blog defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4867 Possible for no WordPress version number to be shown in footer westi defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4896 Incorrect categories listed in Blogroll Add Categories form defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4897 Blogroll listed as Post Category and not Link Category defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4903 query strings with a forward slash give add_query_arg() problems markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4910 Widgets might get "Array" as CSS class instead of classname defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4914 "When" field is funky for drafts that have been modified markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 2.3
#4921 Errors durung 2.2.x to 2.3 upgrade Nazgul defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4939 check_ajax_referer does not protect from CSRF at all defect (bug) high Security 2.3
#4945 Paging broken when showing blog on a page with PATHINFO permalinks defect (bug) high Template
#4970 Rewrite for Pages is broken if URL has port # markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.3
#4995 Drop obsolete category tables before release enhancement high General 2.3
#4999 More link class rename seems unnecessary work for theme authors defect (bug) high Template 2.3
#5010 Bug in Updating attachment of a post = losing post_parent defect (bug) high Administration 2.2.3
#5016 timer_stop() returns error when called from advanced-cache.php defect (bug) high General 2.3
#5039 Tags with multiple posts gives wrong pagination link defect (bug) high General 2.3
#5061 Blogroll Disappears In r6160 defect (bug) high General 2.3
#787 Bad PRIMARY key for the table wp_post2cat rob1n defect (bug) normal Optimization 2.1
#900 support of mt_keywords rob1n enhancement normal XML-RPC 2.2
#1170 Nested blockquotes unallowed? ryan defect (bug) normal General 2.2
#1476 WordPress Update Notification pishmishy enhancement normal Administration 2.1
#1835 no link to get back to post from subpost if post title is blank westi defect (bug) normal Administration 1.6
#1956 Force unique category URIs defect (bug) normal Administration 1.6
#2039 Wordpress fails silently when cookies are disabled westi defect (bug) normal General 2.0
#2043 Dirty cache queries defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0
#2059 Slashes stripped in <pre> (caused by #1793) defect (bug) normal General 1.5.2
#2134 consolidating get_userdata() and get_userdatabylogin() westi enhancement normal Optimization 2.0
#2177 Dashboard's Feed URL should be pluggable rob1n enhancement normal Administration 2.0
#2316 Custom Fields disappearing and "_encloseme" and "_pingme" entries in the database over and over defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.5
#2359 Excess "Uncategorized" posts in post2cat table nevans defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0
#2409 wordpress errors return status 200 rob1n defect (bug) normal General 2.0.1
#2433 Provide some API for WP_Rewrite defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.1
#2566 moderation.php needs paging rob1n defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0
#2596 Need a way to limit size of uploads rob1n defect (bug) normal Administration 2.1
#2710 list_cats / wp_list_cats: hide_empty does not hide cats with non-empty sub-cats defect (bug) normal Template 2.0.2
#2775 Ability for all users to add users with less capabilities doit-cu enhancement normal Administration 2.1
#2779 Visited and default link colors are too similar in admin ptvguy defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.4
#2801 Fix stripping of leading slashes in get_attachment_link() defect (bug) normal General 2.1
#2926 Theme files are not ordered alphabetically defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.3
#3034 Livejournal import adjusts time incorrectly for posts, but not comments rob1n defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.4
#3100 Images shouldn't have alt attributes of filenames rob1n defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.4
#3122 Edit post page should have a link to the post enhancement normal Administration 2.1
#3150 'link to page' attachment permalink incorrect, if using a relative WordPress URL starting with '/' defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.4
#3156 Uninitialized var (PHP Notice) in ternary expressions - wp-db.php defect (bug) normal General 2.1
#3171 Don't hide advanced button rob1n enhancement normal TinyMCE 2.2
#3188 Shouldn't use deprecated functions start_wp westi defect (bug) normal General 2.1
#3263 Nonces & forms markjaquith defect (bug) normal Administration 2.0.4
#3299 clean_url() not working for non-HTTP URLS pishmishy defect (bug) normal General 2.3
#3349 wp-config pickup consistency fixes rob1n enhancement normal Optimization 2.1
#3401 raquo should receive gettext treatment rob1n defect (bug) normal Administration 2.1
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