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#6527 Publishing directly sets wrong date on 'post_date_gmt' ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 2.5
#6867 single_tag_title() prints empty string on non-latin1 data ryan defect (bug) high Template 2.6
#6871 Plugins without headers don't show in the plugins page, keeping some exploits hidden guillep2k defect (bug) high Security 2.6
#7117 Press This "photo" tab fixes, additions, and enhancements + overall fixes azaozz enhancement high Administration 2.6
#7179 Media Library: "Show" toggle link does not work on Gallery (n) tab, but does for Media Library azaozz defect (bug) high Administration 2.6
#7299 AtomPub: Draft posts cannot be edited without turning them published josephscott defect (bug) high XML-RPC 2.6
#7310 Press This Bookmarklet wont post images from IE 7 noel defect (bug) high General
#7317 Revision function displays incorrect user mdawaffe defect (bug) high Administration 2.6
#7336 Links category can be set to blank defect (bug) high Administration 2.6
#7391 forbiddance of ini_set('include_path', ...) function causes fatal error at revision feature defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7416 SQL typo in wp-admin/includes/user.php defect (bug) high Administration 2.6
#7423 in WP_Query, sanitization breaks usage of multiple post_status values markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7437 When restoring a Page revision, a blank success message is shown defect (bug) high Administration 2.6
#7483 redirect_canonical not send type_of_url to user_trailingslashit markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.7
#7490 Category/tag URL changed if the permalink structure has static strings markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7498 Revised RTL CSS for 2.6 enhancement high I18N
#2239 Nested pre/blockquote in li produces invalid XHTML pishmishy defect (bug) normal General 2.0
#2467 Spaces in nicknames and author pages defect (bug) normal Template 2.3.3
#2713 patch wptexturize to leave text inside (code|pre|kbd|style|script|samp) tags alone defect (bug) normal Template 2.1
#3245 Inline Uploader Improvements: search and filters markjaquith enhancement normal Administration 2.1
#6554 wp-admin/users.php non-english l10n: user with no role has beginning of .po file listed as role (lots of gibberish text) defect (bug) normal Administration 2.6
#6573 macFFBgHack.png missing from thickbox defect (bug) normal General 2.5
#6602 kses Should Prevent Duplicate Attributes defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#6642 Commenters can break page validation via HTML comments defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#6811 Unify TinyMCE image popup and insert image popup azaozz enhancement normal Administration 2.5
#7058 incorrect links on edit.php post page defect (bug) normal Administration
#7222 array_merge() error in wp-includes/widgets.php jacobsantos defect (bug) normal General 2.5.1
#7304 Red marker for plugins that needs upgrade don't disappear westi defect (bug) normal Administration 2.6
#7306 Error 404 with /index.php/%postname%/ permalink strucutre markjaquith defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7308 WordPress 2.6 and "Full URL path to files" option ryan enhancement normal General
#7311 Custom Admin CSS not applied to WP2.6 Edit Image page (TinyMCE plugin wpeditimage/editimage.html) azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 2.6
#7316 Links not reassigned to default category after category deletion defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7320 wp_update() makes category names empty (v 2.6) defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7321 admin-forms requires jQuery (wp-admin/js/forms.js) defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7323 typo in wp-admin/edit-pages.php defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7342 Press This sideloader fixes and wp_handle_upload fixes azaozz defect (bug) normal General
#7344 Retrieve Password Error Action ryan enhancement normal General
#7347 maybe_serialize() should serialize strings that are already serialized defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7359 get_edit_post_link() and get_edit_comment_link() don't use SSL when they should defect (bug) normal Security 2.6
#7366 Incorrect message displayed on editing link categories defect (bug) normal Administration 2.6
#7374 undefined variable in get_sample_permalink defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7375 RSS Widget displays HTML defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7376 Allow merging of similarly named text domains ryan enhancement normal I18N 2.6
#7378 load_default_textdomain() should use WP_LANG_DIR defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7389 Typo in WP_Error Class Name defect (bug) normal General
#7401 RSD links are not SSL aware defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7412 Stay on the same page when moderating comments defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#7417 Theme preview fails when Theme forlder contain "."(dot) defect (bug) normal Template 2.6
#7432 Infinite comment feature does not add gravatars mdawaffe defect (bug) normal Administration 2.6
#7433 Check all checkbox checks invisible comments on edit-comments.php mdawaffe defect (bug) normal Administration 2.6
#7465 Bump term name limit defect (bug) normal General
#7469 Bad image path azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE
#7471 Wrong suppression variable name in functions.php defect (bug) normal General
#7482 Fixes for RTL styles in IE defect (bug) normal I18N
#7503 Don't redirect back to permalink after editing from Edit This link defect (bug) normal General 2.6
#6747 function maybe_create_table() declared in two files defect (bug) low General 2.6
#7297 Typo in wp-includes/widget.php defect (bug) low General
#7387 Press This Text textarea should have height defined noel defect (bug) low Administration 2.6
#7424 get_edit_post_link filter needs get_edit_post_link()'s $context defect (bug) low General 2.6
#7414 Missing Parenthesis in wp_list_bookmarks defect (bug) lowest General 2.6
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