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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#5089 Canonical Redirect causes continual 301 redirect loop markjaquith defect (bug) highest omg bbq Permalinks 2.5.1
#7871 Using stripslashes malforms arrays for post metadata jacobsantos defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 2.7
#7962 plugin menu is broken ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq Plugins 2.7
#7976 Old Slug Redirect fails with Close Old Comments enabled defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 2.7
#4353 Users with edit_posts capability can see everyone's comments, IPs, and email addresses markjaquith enhancement high Comments 2.7
#4379 Bad character in alt attribute of an img tag westi defect (bug) high Administration 2.2
#4457 WP does not properly encode UTF-8 mail per RFC 2047 westi defect (bug) high General 2.2
#4570 Comment link cannot contain IRIs nbachiyski defect (bug) high General 2.0.10
#4604 Feeds should be canonical westi enhancement high General 2.2.1
#5017 Endless Redirect chaoticmortalcom defect (bug) high General 2.3
#6262 Automatic Plugin Upgrade could break new plugins that require special instructions for upgrading defect (bug) high Administration 2.5
#6469 IE7 and "Enter a link URL or click above for presets" not working tellyworth defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#6868 Author loses image alignment - admin doesn't defect (bug) high TinyMCE 2.5
#6979 Flash Player 10 breaks the media uploader defect (bug) high Upload 2.6
#7005 the_category ignores seperator defect (bug) high General 2.5.1
#7027 Admin removed from authors list and logged in as author defect (bug) high Administration 2.5.1
#7068 cron improvement hailin enhancement high General
#7095 Japanese Tag Slugs defect (bug) high I18N 2.5.1
#7193 Patch for fixing most out of memory errors when importing defect (bug) high Administration
#7248 Manage Pages - advanced options does not react defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7421 get_permalink should pass $leavename variable to filter westi defect (bug) high General
#7427 get_categories does not allow exernal taxonomy types enhancement high General 2.7
#7431 Allow posts to be ordered by meta_key enhancement high General
#7441 check_and_publish_future_post() doesn't check that timestamp is in the past defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7474 Update phpMailer westi enhancement high General 2.6
#7519 theme update api rboren task (blessed) high Themes 2.7
#7613 Impossible to clear list of recently active plugins defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7619 "Settings saved" box appears outside div#wpbody, messing up page layout when displayed. defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7624 Export blog feature produces invalid XML file defect (bug) high Export 2.6.1
#7627 Upgrade performed with empty database creates database pishmishy defect (bug) high General 2.6.1
#7630 Easy to lose draft post if logged off for some reason defect (bug) high General 2.7
#7642 scriptaculous-root loads the wrong mainfile and forces loading all the time all components instead of specific component westi defect (bug) high General 2.6
#7664 All Comments Missing After 2.6.1 Upgrade defect (bug) high Administration 2.6.1
#7677 WordPress should implement HttpOnly Cookies to slow down XSS defect (bug) high Security
#7713 edit_user_profile_update action not defined defect (bug) high Administration 2.6.1
#7724 Install error with 2.6.1 or 2.6.2 "WordPress database error Table 'wpmu.wp_options' doesn't exist" defect (bug) high General 2.6.1
#7732 Press This 2.7 redesign noel defect (bug) high Administration
#7816 Clicking Preview before Save will result in Blank, New Post defect (bug) high Autosave 2.7
#7819 Interupted update leaves blog in maintenance mode ryan defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 2.7
#7841 add_menu_page and Dashboard menu item arena defect (bug) high crazyhorse 2.7
#7847 Allow wp_list_bookmarks() to show images AND names enhancement high General
#7852 Impossible to go from one Write Post column to two in Safari defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#7904 get_attached_file bug defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7908 plugin install information dialog strips some valid HTML defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7914 wp_page_menu different results from echo and other parameters defect (bug) high Template 2.7
#7926 Hitting Return in Edit Post text field saves draft post as status="pending" markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7927 Paged comments should show the LATEST page of comments by default, not the EARLIEST enhancement high Comments 2.7
#7942 Enable pretty permalinks for comment paging enhancement high Comments 2.7
#7944 Errors and infinite loop during import WXR including image where image doesn't exist defect (bug) high Import 2.7
#7948 Admin menus using admin.php defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7949 Press This fixes and enhancements defect (bug) high Press This
#7950 no buttons on tinymce when using translations for the dashboard and plugin's added buttons westi defect (bug) high TinyMCE 2.7
#7956 get_comment_link() should be paged comments aware defect (bug) high Comments 2.7
#7960 put back the author search defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#7990 "File URL" button not working defect (bug) high General 2.6
#8003 XML-RPC call to getRecentPosts does not return drafts in order defect (bug) high XML-RPC
#8030 Delete page from editor gives erroneous error message defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8040 Admin menu has issues with long top level titles defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8044 Page disappears on Quck Edit defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8047 RTL CSS for 2.7 defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8063 Aesthetic issue with button-primary background image defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8076 General feed doesn't work with permalink without mod_rewrite markjaquith defect (bug) high Permalinks 2.7
#8125 Delete unused images and update Gears Manifest enhancement high Template 2.7
#8157 Fix fonts on menu system iammattthomas enhancement high UI
#8192 2.7 HTML errors defect (bug) high Administration
#8195 Plugin Installer failed defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 2.7
#8217 Check all checkbox never becomes checked defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8229 Dashboard slow with 2.7. defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8246 screen_meta and plugins and columns and 2.7beta3 ??? defect (bug) high Administration
#8252 WXR import is broken and tags are not imported for posts correctly tott defect (bug) high Import 2.7
#8262 Quickedits being rendered vertically in IE7 defect (bug) high General 2.7
#8304 Cannot convert from single-column to dual-column azaozz defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8309 Thumbnails are not removed when main picture is deleted defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8320 ?feed=comments-rss2 redirects to /feed markjaquith defect (bug) high Permalinks 2.7
#8331 Automatic Plugin Installer always fails when using SSH defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8334 Visual Editor: Backspace with no content kills focus in Safari. Additional backspaces sends the user backwards in history azaozz defect (bug) high TinyMCE 2.7
#8335 [WP 2.7-beta3-9858] Edit pages cuts off special characters defect (bug) high General 2.7
#8344 Update Comments screen task (blessed) high UI
#8372 Flash uploader not displaying progress or completed uploads defect (bug) high Upload
#8381 "Tools" Icon difficult to see when active defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8414 No UI feedback when a new Page is published defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8415 No UI feedback when a post or page is deleted defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8428 wp_mkdir_p function endless recursion westi defect (bug) high Upload 2.6.1
#8431 Publish button gives 404 defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#8476 Plugin update info not fetched/Wrong code in $raw_response? defect (bug) high Plugins 2.7
#8490 Media Library - Attached/Unattached logic is flawed defect (bug) high General
#8549 Page Parent field: Incorrectly ordered westi defect (bug) high UI 2.7
#8562 Edit Link Error defect (bug) high Administration 2.7
#2784 Make all foreach() loops cast to array jacobsantos defect (bug) normal Optimization 2.1
#3089 Localized values for plugin metadata ryan enhancement normal I18N
#3742 Future dated posts not publishing defect (bug) normal Administration 2.5
#4530 Title-less Image Attachment Badly Created defect (bug) normal Administration
#4552 number argument in wp_generate_tag_cloud is not used ryan defect (bug) normal Template 2.3
#4779 Proposal for HTTP POST and REQUEST API jacobsantos enhancement normal Optimization
#5006 User profile autofills password westi defect (bug) normal Administration 2.3
#5143 New option for setting RSS Feed language nbachiysk enhancement normal Administration
#5196 Support "minor edits" in Atom westi enhancement normal General
#5282 category to tag conversion enhancement normal Administration 2.5.1
#5324 404 error on empty category page technosailor defect (bug) normal General 2.5
#5354 Implement dashboard content as an action, so it can be replaced/added to enhancement normal Administration 2.3.1
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