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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#12284 I/O Sanity Failures With Invalid HTML Entity References ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq Security
#12328 No edit media fields... dd32 defect (bug) highest omg bbq Media 3.0
#12533 Parent term count filosofo defect (bug) highest omg bbq Taxonomy 3.0
#12723 apply_filters_ref_array bug westi defect (bug) highest omg bbq Plugins 3.0
#12933 super-admin has lost all super powers nacin defect (bug) highest omg bbq Users 3.0
#13307 3.0 package size will cause memory limit problems nacin defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 3.0
#13536 There are too few tickets on the 3.0 milestone ryan defect (bug) highest omg bbq Validation 3.0
#13929 Fatal errors in get_body_class() in latest trunk (15268) defect (bug) highest omg bbq General 3.0
#7040 Link to File changes to Link to Attachment IF PAGE IS STARTPAGE westi defect (bug) high Media 2.5.1
#9008 add a home_url() function to enforce http/https scheme task (blessed) high Template 2.7
#9686 Make pomo class flushable/reloadable nbachiyski feature request high I18N 2.8
#10712 Sub categories automatically append a dash followed by the name of the parent defect (bug) high Taxonomy 3.0
#10985 Move wp-admin.css and rtl.css to the /css folder enhancement high Administration
#11172 Login form template function beaulebens task (blessed) high Template 2.8.5
#11196 cannot add post thum befor save as draft markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Thumbnails 2.9
#11231 Comment lists not consistent when adding a new column defect (bug) high Administration 2.8.5
#11474 Add validation error reporting system to Settings API jeremyclarke enhancement high Administration 2.9
#11715 Fix spelling mistake in repair.php in 2.9.2 defect (bug) high Administration 2.9
#11728 Install.php Needs PHP Errors enhancement high Upgrade/Install
#11827 json_encode and json_decode functions in compat.php do not safely include class-json.php defect (bug) high General 2.9
#11830 Link Moderation is Broken defect (bug) high Comments 2.7
#11851 Inserting gallery columns is broken in localized versions nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N 2.9.1
#11889 Create post with special post_status when viewing Add New screen markjaquith task (blessed) high Autosave 3.0
#11914 "Users" admin list slow to generate on large sites defect (bug) high Optimization 2.9.1
#11952 Make sure translators enter valid slug of the first post nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N 2.9
#11958 Trunk Missing Files for Pages defect (bug) high Administration
#11968 balanceTags doesn't understand namespaced tags defect (bug) high Formatting 2.9.1
#11970 Upgrade Site - Malformed defect (bug) high Multisite
#12074 Delete enclosures by meta_id nacin defect (bug) high Media 3.0
#12095 Images insert at full size if metadata contains odd characters defect (bug) high Media 2.9.1
#12115 Viddler embeds broken by wpautop() due to line breaks defect (bug) high Embeds 2.9.1
#12140 Reduce DB queries during install by limiting use of wp_load_alloptions() dd32 enhancement high Upgrade/Install
#12172 Function get_post_link needs new name ryan defect (bug) high Permalinks 3.0
#12186 Custom Background API and UI ocean90 task (blessed) high Themes 2.9.1
#12245 Canonical Backtrace dd32 defect (bug) high Canonical 3.0
#12294 Wrong nested IF statements in wp-admin/user-edit.php defect (bug) high Administration 3.0
#12305 Update jQuery to 1.4.2 azaozz enhancement high JavaScript 3.0
#12349 wp_insert_term doesn't check for already existing slugs if the slug is implicit dd32 defect (bug) high Taxonomy
#12357 Strings we need to hard code and WP_I18N prefix nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N
#12380 Menus need to work without javascript for accessibility ptahdunbar task (blessed) high Accessibility 3.0
#12398 Reinstate manage_pages_columns filter missing in wp_manage_posts_columns() nacin defect (bug) high Editor 3.0
#12416 *_option() and *_transient() functions should expect unslashed data. ryan defect (bug) high Security 3.0
#12425 Fallback theme code is not translatable / default theme in theme repo is not translatable westi enhancement high General 3.0
#12440 Privacy On/Off links to options page, even if user has no rights defect (bug) high Administration 3.0
#12514 Clean install with support for WP_HTTP_Streams fails with White-SOD dd32 defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 3.0
#12547 Union/intersection tag query URLs broken dd32 defect (bug) high Query
#12566 Menu editor link (URL) disappears (and other menu weirdness) ptahdunbar defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#12576 Password Strength Meter Should Compair Both Fields dancole enhancement high Users 3.0
#12587 Error in WP_User::for_blog() defect (bug) high General 3.0
#12618 Argument Continuity in wp_nav_menu ptahdunbar defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#12639 upload_url_path is always overwritten in function wp_upload_dir defect (bug) high Upload 3.0
#12666 ms-options.php cleanups, and enabling global terms nacin defect (bug) high Multisite
#12699 Custom Background screen needs to better adapt to translation task (blessed) high UI 3.0
#12704 Multiple post_types can no longer be specified in query dd32 defect (bug) high Query 3.0
#12711 Author & Users shows all users on multisite defect (bug) high Multisite
#12734 Nav Menus don't scale for big sites ptahdunbar defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#12735 get_blogaddress_by_* adds path in multisite. breaks get_home_url etc defect (bug) high Multisite 3.0
#12736 my-sites.php uses site url instead of home url in visit links defect (bug) high Multisite 3.0
#12758 Better server checks in network.php defect (bug) high Multisite
#12780 get_search_query() can be confusing as it doesn't sanitize ryan defect (bug) high Template 3.0
#12781 Minor XSS issue in Twenty Ten theme ryan defect (bug) high Security 3.0
#12806 twentyten_setup can't be removed in a clean manner defect (bug) high Themes 3.0
#12823 Blog name is unnecessarily sanitized defect (bug) high Multisite
#12851 Change $from_name when sending out email with MS defect (bug) high Multisite
#12867 "Preview Changes" does not work for custom content types defect (bug) high Posts, Post Types 3.0
#12868 General Settings Page Needs Error Checking technosailor defect (bug) high Administration 2.9.2
#12930 Unserialize error? defect (bug) high General
#12931 Upgrading a Single Site install to MultiSite Install with Subdirs is not safe nacin defect (bug) high Multisite 3.0
#12959 New menu systems unrecoverable error filosofo defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#12973 Multisite and IIS7 - permalinks change, the web.config problem ryan defect (bug) high Rewrite Rules 3.0
#12985 The $page_title variable of add_submenu_page() does not work for custom post types defect (bug) high Posts, Post Types
#13009 When inheriting twentyten's comments.php, theme breaks. westi defect (bug) high Template 3.0
#13017 Add add_meta_boxes hooks to all meta box implementations task (blessed) high Administration 3.0
#13029 Evaluation of undeclared variable in get_site_option defect (bug) high General 3.0
#13033 "Use as featured image" not showing after deleting featured image defect (bug) high Media 3.0
#13037 Nav menu doesn't like when item is a child of itself ryan defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#13072 IIS rewrite rules are wrong ryan defect (bug) high Rewrite Rules 3.0
#13099 deleting blog on some versions of mysql requires escaping defect (bug) high Multisite
#13104 Forced /index.php and stripping of www defect (bug) high Multisite 3.0
#13110 Look at new revision doesn't work on custom post type defect (bug) high Posts, Post Types 3.0
#13120 Add RTL support to add_editor_style() defect (bug) high Editor
#13121 Twenty Ten RTL updates yoavf defect (bug) high Themes 3.0
#13130 WP Import with Multiple Authors Fails defect (bug) high Import
#13132 New menus broken ryan defect (bug) high Menus
#13133 Users with "Contributor" role can't save initial draft with JavaScript disabled MarkJaquith defect (bug) high Autosave 3.0
#13137 Unable to edit users in 3.0 beta 1 defect (bug) high Administration 3.0
#13146 Allowed memory exhausted after 8 levels filosofo defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#13153 Bulk Edit overrites non hierarchical taxonomies nacin defect (bug) high Taxonomy
#13154 Editing Menus causes pages/posts to be deleted. filosofo defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#13159 Admin username diacritics silently stripped at install dd32 defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 3.0
#13167 accessibility issue for visually impaired: inaccessible menu management filosofo enhancement high Menus 3.0
#13171 Problem unpacking some plugins... dd32 defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 3.0
#13182 submitting options-media.php in is_multisite() == true mode loses values tott defect (bug) high Media 3.0
#13183 unused post_types show in search and cannot be deleted defect (bug) high Posts, Post Types 3.0
#13184 admin.php can re-include itself in certain environments defect (bug) high Administration
#13204 Fix ajax on add menu item boxes filosofo task (blessed) high Menus 3.0
#13241 query_posts stoped working on front page ryan defect (bug) high Query 3.0
#13242 Deleting a user and removing their posts creates errors ryan defect (bug) high General 3.0
#13252 General Settings: Invalid Argument in l10n.php nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N 3.0
#13276 Comments don't work on private posts nacin defect (bug) high General
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