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#24046 Post Format UI change in response to testing task (blessed) highest omg bbq Post Formats 3.6
#24452 Extract Post Formats UI from Core nacin task (blessed) highest omg bbq Post Formats 3.6
#19032 home_url() malfunctions when the passed URL contains two dots in a row ("..") markjaquith defect (bug) high General 2.6
#22902 Duplicate post slug causes unpublished posts to display in single post template, based on permalinks markjaquith defect (bug) high Quick/Bulk Edit 3.2
#23448 Passive invalidation via last_changed should use timestamps ryan defect (bug) high Cache API 3.6
#23494 impossible to log in with password containing leading or trailing spaces westi defect (bug) high Users 2.5
#23688 esc_textarea, wp_richedit_pre and wp_htmledit_pre eat post content under PHP 5.4 westi defect (bug) high Formatting 3.6
#23780 JS Error: <#HTMLDocument> has no method 'save' markjaquith defect (bug) high General 3.6
#23819 Twenty Thirteen: Handle activation on out of date WordPress installs lancewillett defect (bug) high Bundled Theme 3.6
#23877 Rename the_extra_content() to the_remaining_content() markjaquith task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#23879 Media post formats look at attachments before content, resulting in duplication markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#23887 Some Post Formats seen as "empty" but shouldn't markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#23927 Use standard root for post format theme API functions markjaquith task (blessed) high Template 3.6
#23959 Option to remove selected media for post format enhancement high Post Formats 3.6
#23960 Trigger local autosave when full save is initiated azaozz defect (bug) high Autosave 3.6
#23992 Make post content area smaller for post formats where the amount of post content is expected to be small markjaquith task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#24009 Quote post format should use content for content of the quote defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24010 Look into meta key standardization or upgrade with Crowd Favorite's post format UI plugin task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#24075 wp_video_shortcode()/wp_audio_shortcode() are printing unexpected links on posts screen ocean90 defect (bug) high Media 3.6
#24094 "Blank" media item in "Insert Media" popup markjaquith defect (bug) high Media 3.6
#24136 Compare Two mode loads wrong post for left side when another post was created at the same time ocean90 defect (bug) high Revisions 3.6
#24140 Change post screen icon when format is changed ocean90 task (blessed) high Post Formats
#24147 Post Format Image breaks with themes other than Twenty Thirteen markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24175 Image post format insertion results in a broken image for unlinked images defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24183 MediaElement.js i18n issues nacin defect (bug) high I18N 3.6
#24202 Self-explanatory argument values for new media functions nacin enhancement high Media 3.6
#24213 Revisions: wp_list_post_revisions( format => 'form-table' ) is broken ocean90 defect (bug) high Revisions 3.6
#24218 Post Formats UI prevents switching back to the starting format defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24233 _post_formats_title() assumes it will always get two arguments SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) high Warnings/Notices 3.6
#24254 Big images break side-by-side revision viewer + inconsistency when displaying images markjaquith defect (bug) high Revisions 3.6
#24289 Post Formats UI: Attachment Display Settings ignored when inserting image. azaozz defect (bug) high Administration 3.6
#24327 'Add Media' and Title should show for all formats if Post Formats UI is disabled defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24362 Duplicate Post Format Icon Images defect (bug) high Post Formats 3.6
#24367 Admin login with correct password fails SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) high Administration 3.6
#24402 Menus accordion should be auto-expanded for no-js SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) high Menus 3.6
#24405 Revisions needs a functional fallback for no-js markjaquith defect (bug) high Revisions 3.6
#24425 Revisions cleanup task (blessed) high Revisions 3.6
#24449 Attachment display settings in the Media Library are ignored for audio and video inside 'Standard' post format and pages nacin defect (bug) high Media 3.6
#24453 Remove structured-post-formats theme support markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats
#24454 Remove post_formats_compat() markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats
#24455 Remove revisioning of the post format and post format metadata keys markjaquith defect (bug) high Post Formats
#24469 Twenty Thirteen: remove all post_format_* and the_remaining_content() function calls lancewillett defect (bug) high Bundled Theme
#24484 Lose the "remove" support for media extraction functions ocean90 task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#24519 Add Post Format icons to the old radio chooser helen task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#24547 "Go to All %s" string not ready for i18n azaozz defect (bug) high I18N 3.6
#24553 "{user} is currently editing" messages on post listing screen causes items on screen to move around markjaquith defect (bug) high Administration 3.6
#24610 Do something with the_post_format_*() functions markjaquith task (blessed) high Post Formats 3.6
#24627 Fatal error in wp-admin/setup-config.php nacin defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 3.6
#24663 esc_url_raw() strips out square brackets in URLs nacin defect (bug) high HTTP API 3.5.2
#24755 Multiple copies of backup-post-in-browser-different message defect (bug) high Autosave 3.6
#24757 Diff timeout of 1 second is not sufficient. markjaquith defect (bug) high Revisions 3.6
#24789 Spellcheck API used by TinyMCE broken nacin defect (bug) high TinyMCE
#24894 Extend default post lock expiration from 120 to 150 sec. nacin defect (bug) high Administration 3.6
#3782 Use Digraphs for Umlauts in German Permalinks enhancement normal I18N 2.1
#7392 Don't create new autosave revision if nothing has changed yet westi defect (bug) normal Autosave 2.6
#8714 Ellipses instead of ... in UI enhancement normal Text Changes 2.7
#9272 Expand human_time_diff()'s abilities Viper007Bond enhancement normal Date/Time 2.8
#10151 HTML5 <video> elements stripped in kses.php ryan enhancement normal Security 2.8
#10434 New filter request in feed.php nacin enhancement normal Feeds 3.5
#11056 More Flexibility in args['post_parent'] markjaquith enhancement normal Query
#11446 Show ellipsis after truncated filename in Media dialog SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal General 2.9
#11541 Remove all IM fields from core. ShaneF enhancement normal Users 2.9
#11635 create a function that does this: wp_get_user_role() ryan defect (bug) normal Role/Capability 2.9
#12402 make addslashes_gpc() use addslashes() fix to use real_escape, rather than addslashes defect (bug) normal Security 3.0
#13450 Filter Comments Link enhancement normal Comments
#13578 wp_link_pages isn't fully functional and doesn't include require style information SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Themes 2.9.2
#13942 Logged-out notice in post edit page is easily missed defect (bug) normal Editor 3.0
#14045 Give the menus page an accessibility mode option, like the widgets screen. markjaquith enhancement normal Accessibility 3.0
#14253 Use official MIME types for Windows Media file name extensions markjaquith defect (bug) normal Media
#14267 Adjust end of edit-user.php to match ryan defect (bug) normal Users 3.5
#14345 BUG: Changing permalinks to a custom structure returns 404 on custom post types defect (bug) normal Permalinks 3.0
#14406 consistent register link filtering SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Administration
#14659 Incorrect mime type served for some uploaded files markjaquith defect (bug) normal Upload 3.0.1
#14794 Twenty Ten Theme - minor color tweak lancewillett enhancement normal Bundled Theme
#15080 Comment Form Should use HTML5 input types for better accessibility markjaquith enhancement normal Accessibility 3.0
#15081 Search Form should use type='search' SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Accessibility
#15155 Allow filtering of shortcode attributes nacin enhancement normal Shortcodes 2.5
#15173 duplicate calls to 'add_new_user_to_blog' nacin defect (bug) normal Multisite
#15401 Twenty Ten sidebars should have helpful descriptions lancewillett enhancement normal Bundled Theme
#15475 Proposed new function: wp_unset_object_terms markjaquith enhancement normal Taxonomy
#15948 dbDelta SET Default <literal> Comment <literal> nacin defect (bug) normal Database 3.1
#16044 Filter by Author name in Media Library SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Media 3.1
#16047 Post formats should have its own column on edit.php, hidden by default markjaquith enhancement normal Post Formats
#16215 Post Revision history displays the incorrect author westi defect (bug) normal Revisions 2.6
#16366 Search Users box on ms-users.php doesn't search all fields nacin enhancement normal Network Admin 3.0.4
#16465 Querying taxonomies can trigger notices markjaquith defect (bug) normal Warnings/Notices 3.1
#16539 Duplicate search widgets cause ID conflicts azaozz defect (bug) normal Widgets 3.0
#16541 get_search_form() ignores $echo argument if searchform.php exists SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Template 3.0
#16738 Add filter for attributes on menu item links SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Menus
#16746 post paginating <!--nextpage--> does not work nacin defect (bug) normal Query
#16834 UI problem in Permalinks SubPanel (on RTL sites) ramiy enhancement normal RTL 3.1
#17018 Password Email contains wrong Password SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Users 2.8
#17154 TinyMCE inserts spans with font-styles atributes azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 3.1
#17320 has_post_format() should accept an array nacin enhancement normal Taxonomy 3.2
#17515 Flaw in add_meta_box/do_meta_boxes markjaquith defect (bug) normal Inline Docs 3.1.2
#17562 esc_url() printed by the_permalink() nacin enhancement normal Template 3.2
#18024 Twenty Eleven Showcase template fails on IE7 and IE8 lancewillett defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 3.2
#18130 Editing menu items - Cancel button does not work defect (bug) normal Menus 3.2.1
#18178 Add "none" option to $attr['link'] for [gallery] shortcode nacin enhancement normal Gallery 3.2.1
#18310 Attachments inserted with NULL value for GUID nacin defect (bug) normal XML-RPC 3.2.1
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