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#29425 Plugin update: Translation update fails with "Invalid Data provided" dd32 defect (bug) highest omg bbq I18N 3.7
#10041 like_escape() should escape backslashes too wonderboymusic defect (bug) high Formatting 2.8
#13069 Use GlotPress list of locales instead of the one in ms.php nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N 3.0
#17689 Terms should not be sanitized inside term_exists() wonderboymusic defect (bug) high Taxonomy 3.2
#26469 Twenty Fourteen: Better Audio/Video Player Styling with Genericons lancewillett enhancement high Bundled Theme 3.8
#28293 Twenty Thirteen: Menu not accessible in "mobile" size lancewillett defect (bug) high Bundled Theme 3.6
#28328 Focus on editing, while editing task (blessed) high Editor 4.0
#28353 Changes are not saved in Visual editor until autosave runs azaozz defect (bug) high Editor 4.0
#28564 Shortcode Attributes with HTML Tags no longer working wonderboymusic defect (bug) high Formatting 4.0
#28654 various "Help Tab" edits based on UI changes DrewAPicture task (blessed) high Help/About 4.0
#28817 WP4.0-beta1 - string concatenation for $page_title in add_submenu_page() is broken SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) high Administration 4.0
#28843 Fatal error: Call to protected method ... on PHP 5.2.5 wonderboymusic defect (bug) high General 4.0
#28979 Customizer panels should have the same priority hierarchy as Sections nacin defect (bug) high Customize 4.0
#29110 Update MediaElement to 2.15.0 ocean90 enhancement high External Libraries 4.0
#29152 Insert New Media: Tabbing between fields sends you back to the image URL ocean90 defect (bug) high Media 4.0
#29156 $rp_path does not respect SITECOOKIEPATH/COOKIEPATH nacin defect (bug) high Login and Registration 4.0
#29197 WP_Customize_Panel should not extend WP_Customize_Section nacin enhancement high Customize 4.0
#29456 Deprecating WPLANG constant is a regression nacin defect (bug) high I18N 4.0
#29482 Only media grid (not modal) should show "Uploaded by" and "Uploaded to" nacin defect (bug) high Media 4.0
#29498 Media grid details shouldn't use full size image nacin defect (bug) high Media 4.0
#5310 XMLRPC interface should expose mechanism for listing and deleting media resources SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal XML-RPC 2.3.1
#8775 Numbers in quotation marks get wrong smart quotes wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting 2.8
#8912 wptexturize malforms HTML comments that contain HTML tags wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting 2.7
#10177 get_ version of comments_number() wonderboymusic enhancement normal Comments 2.8
#10267 Login form SSL is confusing ryan defect (bug) normal Security
#11003 wp_get_object_terms Returns Duplicate Terms ryan defect (bug) normal Taxonomy 2.9
#11325 Image cropping doesn't work for small areas SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Media 2.9
#11338 Custom Walker initialize error DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types 2.9
#12031 Install do not check the magic_quote_sybase status egill defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install
#12609 Enabling FORCE_SSL_ADMIN breaks wp-cron.php johnbillion defect (bug) normal HTTP API
#12690 Square brackets breaking links that contain square brackets wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting
#13580 Ajax Tag Search crashes browsers on databases with large tag lists or slow connections johnbillion enhancement normal Taxonomy 3.0
#14041 Ensure a 'has_children' parameter is given to start_el wonderboymusic enhancement normal General 3.0
#14639 Posts in the Trash drag attachment pages down with them wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.0.1
#14759 Improve the way oEmbed deals with caching helen enhancement normal Embeds 3.0.1
#15330 WP Cookies and Authenticated Access task (blessed) normal Security 3.1
#15490 Preview oEmbed results when using the media modal to insert from URL enhancement normal Media
#15677 It is not possible to install multiple variants of the same language ocean90 defect (bug) normal I18N 3.1
#15697 File upload support for OpenXPS / Microsoft XPS filetype (oxps / xps, alternative to PDF) kapeels enhancement normal Upload 3.1
#15860 White Icon visibility in Media Library wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.0.3
#16330 media_sideload_image() broken with filenames containing strange characters (e.g., +, %) wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.1
#16468 Twenty Ten: 404 page with /page/2 shows page number SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 3.0
#16615 More inline docs needed to explain DB errors esp. dead_db() and effects of WP_DEBUG DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Database
#16625 wp_dropdown_categories reqs (consistent) option_none_value wonderboymusic enhancement normal Taxonomy 3.0.4
#16774 Remember list view/excerpt view setting helen enhancement normal Administration 3.1
#16793 Bulk inline post edit doesn't show categories or tags if the CPT doesn't support titles defect (bug) normal Quick/Bulk Edit
#16802 is_page() doesn't accept a full path johnbillion enhancement normal Query 3.1
#16864 WP_Terms_List_Table doesn't call sanitize_term() on display wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Taxonomy 2.9
#17034 E_NOTICE with WP_DEBUG when calling get_the_ID() wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types 3.1
#17065 Independent ASC/DESC in multiple ORDER BY statement. ericmann task (blessed) normal Query 3.1
#17209 Category list table breaks when custom post type label is too long helen defect (bug) normal Taxonomy 3.1
#17210 Massive duplication of oEmbed postmeta Viper007Bond defect (bug) normal Embeds 3.1
#17736 Undefined Index in image-edit.php wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.1.3
#17877 Add a new wp_title_array filter to wp_title SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Themes 3.1
#17902 Add a "Plugin Details" link to installed plugins. johnbillion task (blessed) normal Plugins 2.7
#18010 Localization of colors in TinyMCE defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 3.2
#18505 http 404 sent for the RSS feed when there are no posts - should be 200 SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Feeds 3.2.1
#18968 Remove some term cache misses wonderboymusic enhancement normal Taxonomy 3.3
#19017 No way to add XSL to Feeds SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Feeds 3.2.1
#19205 Orphaned categories can be created by accident wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Taxonomy
#19256 Ability to mark a comment as spam from the trash wonderboymusic enhancement normal Comments 2.9
#19306 remove_all_filters() should set to array(), not unset wonderboymusic enhancement normal Plugins
#19308 C-style hexadecimal is incorrectly "fixed" to change the 'x' into a mathematical '×' wonderboymusic enhancement normal Formatting 2.1
#19550 Please provide option to disable wptexturize entirely DrewAPicture enhancement normal Formatting 3.3
#19555 Deprecate url_is_accessable_via_ssl() johnbillion enhancement normal HTTP API
#19581 wp_list_comments_args hook SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Comments 2.7
#19760 Allow localization of language names in multisite ocean90 enhancement normal I18N 3.3.1
#19784 Plugin Information dialogue should list Contributors helen task (blessed) normal Plugins
#19992 Auto-fill URL field on Insert/edit link popup wonderboymusic enhancement normal Editor 3.3.1
#20094 The wpEditImage TinyMCE plugin is broken when TinyMCE is served from another domain azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE
#20151 Add parameter for wp_embed_defaults() SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Media
#20206 WXR unnecessarily includes all post authors johnbillion enhancement normal Export 3.3
#20271 Un-marked up text in the Add Users admin section for multi-site SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Users 3.0
#20276 Tie nonces and cookies to expirable sessions task (blessed) normal Security
#20335 Make Default Post Listing Mode Filterable helen enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 3.3.1
#20342 Opening Double Quote after 3 hyphens converted to double closing quote wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting 3.3.1
#20496 Previews should redirect to the permalink if the post has been published wonderboymusic enhancement normal Canonical
#20672 Mime-Type Matching Error With Certain Added Mime-Types wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.0
#20720 attachment_fields_to_save filter is called twice after initial image upload in post wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Media 3.3
#21200 get_all_category_ids() only used by a deprecated function defect (bug) normal Taxonomy 3.4.1
#21435 wp-includes/comment.php line85 causes slow query due to the non-indexed column pento enhancement normal Database 3.4.1
#21534 Walker: has_children is only set if $args[0] is an array betzster defect (bug) normal Menus 3.0
#21658 Meaningless adjacent post links for pages SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types 3.4.1
#21919 Theme Customizer: loading preview with FORCE_SSL_ADMIN does not work defect (bug) normal Customize 3.4
#21963 Consolidate post insertion APIs wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types
#22112 get_adjacent_post excluded_categories isn't excluded wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types 3.8.1
#22183 Input type="email" and type="url" johnbillion enhancement normal Administration
#22228 Remove one-time variable from add_settings_error SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Administration 3.0
#22234 Use access modifiers in classes, not the var keyword enhancement normal General 1.5
#22362 Titles of RSS feeds lacks spacing - words are run together SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Feeds 3.4.2
#22400 Remove all, or at least most, uses of extract() within WordPress enhancement normal General 3.4.2
#22590 get_post_class() do not set 'sticky' class in administration posts table enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 3.4.2
#22599 Show reviews in the plugin installer helen enhancement normal Plugins
#22792 Cannot change name attribute of comment submit button wonderboymusic enhancement normal Comments 3.4.2
#22793 Image Editor is jumpy when opening. wonderboymusic enhancement normal Media 2.9
#22813 Media Uploader doesn't escape "+" in filenames and doesn't upload file defect (bug) normal Media 3.4.2
#22823 Texturize should handle apostrophes before primes wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting 3.4.2
#23076 Update menu item title when editing menu item label helen enhancement normal Menus 3.5
#23116 Media GalleryEdit Controller should have an option to hide gallery settings enhancement normal Media 3.5
#23185 Hyphens surrounded by non-breaking spaces are not texturized wonderboymusic defect (bug) normal Formatting 2.8
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