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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#36419 Request data is inconsistently slashed in REST API callbacks markjaquith defect (bug) highest omg bbq REST API 4.4
#14134 Menus item are limited to 16 item and will not save more than that ericlewis defect (bug) high Menus 3.0
#30468 wplink modal accessibility azaozz defect (bug) high Editor 4.0
#34455 Additional Filters for Press This kraftbj defect (bug) high Press This 4.2
#35160 Add Test Coverage for Atom & Reorganize Feeds Unit Tests johnbillion enhancement high Feeds
#36083 Media Grid: 'wp-admin/upload.php' broken in nightly builds joemcgill defect (bug) high Media 4.6
#36392 wp_add_inline_script() breaks script dependency order when using script loader (no SCRIPT_DEBUG) swissspidy defect (bug) high Script Loader 4.6
#4332 Unusable comment error pages SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Comments 1.5
#5172 Adding classes to wp_generate_tag_cloud boonebgorges enhancement normal Taxonomy
#9568 Allow users to log in using their email address ocean90 feature request normal Users 2.8
#10373 Proper number formatting related to i18n SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal I18N 2.8.1
#10377 Comment fields should have max lengths rachelbaker defect (bug) normal Comments 2.8
#10676 current-cat-ancestor in wp_list_categories boonebgorges enhancement normal Taxonomy 2.8.5
#10722 Allow filtering of whether or not 404 should be handled. markjaquith enhancement normal Query 2.8.5
#11360 Don't nofollow links within the site swissspidy enhancement normal Comments 2.9
#11863 Trashed items interfere with page/post slug generation ericlewis enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 2.9
#13382 _wp_post_revision_fields filter is not very useful adamsilverstein enhancement normal Revisions 3.0
#14761 unregister_post_type() task (blessed) normal Posts, Post Types 2.9
#14853 wp_add_inline_script() swissspidy enhancement normal Script Loader 3.1
#15389 Make New Site & New User Network form pluggable. jeremyfelt enhancement normal Networks and Sites 3.1
#15610 Comments on attachments don't appear in site-wide comments RSS feed stevenkword defect (bug) normal Feeds 3.1
#16116 Hide 'Move to Trash' for auto drafts chriscct7 defect (bug) normal Editor 3.0
#16972 Input type radio losts its checked focus when metabox is dragged azaozz defect (bug) normal Administration 3.0
#18974 Plugin table IDs can collide with core IDs obenland defect (bug) normal Plugins 3.3
#19121 Add filter to wp_unique_filename swissspidy enhancement normal Filesystem API 2.5
#19615 Deprecate get_currentuserinfo() swissspidy enhancement normal Users
#19856 wp_get_referer() doesn't return false when the referer URL is the same as the current URL swissspidy defect (bug) normal Bootstrap/Load 3.3.1
#19902 blog_url() and get_blog_url() template tags ericlewis feature request normal Permalinks 3.3.1
#21319 is_textdomain_loaded() returns true even if there are no translations for the domain nbachiyski defect (bug) normal I18N 3.0
#21870 @ error control operator hides fatal error on mysql_fetch_object ericlewis defect (bug) normal Database 1.5
#21931 White screen of death if theme can't be found enhancement normal Themes
#22401 Add information about old theme to 'theme_switched' action DrewAPicture enhancement normal Themes 3.3
#23108 Deprecate add_object_page() and add_utility_page() swissspidy enhancement normal Administration
#23358 Switch to a usermeta key for email confirmation in Multisite ocean90 defect (bug) normal Options, Meta APIs 3.0
#23677 Feed autodiscovery for custom taxonomy and perhaps date archives stevenkword enhancement normal Feeds 3.5
#24760 Creating default object from empty value in wp-includes/ms-settings.php on line 111 jeremyfelt defect (bug) normal Multisite 3.0
#25247 WP_Dependencies unsets a to do item when it isn't loaded chriscct7 defect (bug) normal Script Loader 3.6
#26005 Internal jump links and shift-clicking on links in widgets (to edit) erroneously cause navigation in Customizer preview MattGeri defect (bug) normal Customize 3.4
#26262 Ajax requests shouldn't display errors nacin defect (bug) normal Bootstrap/Load
#26388 Add new site under multisite helper text jeremyfelt defect (bug) normal Networks and Sites 3.0
#26399 Improve Handling of "Blank" Dashboard Columns johnbillion enhancement normal Administration 3.8
#26646 On Appearance themes page ".themes" div is not covering floated elements. obenland defect (bug) normal Themes 3.8
#27152 wp_get_referer() no longer reports off-site referrers swissspidy defect (bug) normal Bootstrap/Load 3.6.1
#27246 Add function to get the excerpt outside the loop swissspidy enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 3.8.1
#27355 Customizer: Add framework for selective refresh (partial preview refreshes) westonruter task (blessed) normal Customize 3.4
#27813 Dashboard: A little unclickable area between links and icon in "At a Glance" dashboard widget. afercia enhancement normal Administration 3.8
#27942 Site Title not escaped when using HTML entities kovshenin defect (bug) normal Options, Meta APIs 2.9
#28403 Multiple wp_editor's with different settings azaozz defect (bug) normal Editor 3.9.1
#28436 allowed_themes filter does not pass blog_id jeremyfelt defect (bug) normal Themes 3.4
#28612 Paste as Text Modal Should be Dismiss-able azaozz enhancement normal TinyMCE 3.9
#28617 comments_popup should not be allowed to be access directly rachelbaker defect (bug) normal Comments 0.71
#28722 Boost performance with ETag in load-scripts.php and load-styles.php swissspidy feature request normal Script Loader 4.0
#28864 Cannot access edit menu options with keyboard inside Image Editor afercia defect (bug) normal Media 4.0
#28984 Inputs (type=number) look too flattened michaelarestad defect (bug) normal Administration 3.8
#29107 WP_Rewrite::flush_rules() should not delete 'rewrite_rules' option swissspidy defect (bug) normal Rewrite Rules 2.0.1
#29631 The 'Beta Testing' tab should be first in plugin installer swissspidy enhancement normal Plugins 4.0
#29865 In plugins screen, searching installed plugins vs. searching for plugins to install is confusing helen enhancement normal Plugins
#30162 make_clickable - skip script & style tags johnbillion defect (bug) normal Formatting
#30598 Multisite Subdomain doesn't properly redirect users logging in to the primary site jeremyfelt defect (bug) normal Networks and Sites
#31025 Searching by 0 (zero produces inconsistent results) swissspidy defect (bug) normal Query
#31195 Add a user-friendly way to preview site responsiveness in the Customizer westonruter feature request normal Customize
#31251 Show username in wp_dropdown_users when deleting users, not display name boonebgorges enhancement normal Users 4.1
#31307 cron_request filter should pass $doing_wp_cron as an argument to callbacks ericlewis enhancement normal Cron API
#31320 Make customizer JavaScript API available during the live preview enhancement normal Customize 4.1
#31548 Fix color contrast on wp-login.php to meet minimum accessibility standards rianrietveld defect (bug) normal Login and Registration 3.8
#31710 Firefox uses WP emoji for smileys but the native for frowneys iseulde defect (bug) normal Formatting 4.2
#31786 Customizer: current header image does not show when it has the same name as another header image ocean90 defect (bug) normal Customize 3.2
#31790 sanitize_title_with_dashes() has issues with non breaking space (  and  ) SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Formatting 4.1.1
#31820 get_option() returns Integers as strings boonebgorges enhancement normal Options, Meta APIs 4.1.1
#31826 Manager menus afercia defect (bug) normal Menus 4.1.1
#31829 Change Customizer "Display Site Title" text juanfra enhancement normal Customize 3.4
#32450 WP_Site class jeremyfelt task (blessed) normal Networks and Sites
#32569 Long Plugin/Theme Titles do not wrap on small screens obenland defect (bug) normal Plugins 4.3
#32681 Shift-clicking a menu item in the website preview iframe should open it inside the customiser westonruter feature request normal Customize 4.3
#32778 hash_equals() does not compare strings in constant time nbachiyski defect (bug) normal General 3.9.2
#32783 Ajax issue in the customizer when previewing a different theme westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize 4.1
#32982 MS Sites List Table: Pagination broken when entering a page number jeremyfelt defect (bug) normal Networks and Sites 3.1
#33153 Twenty Eleven: captioned images look broken in the editor karmatosed defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme
#33237 Some media strings problems ocean90 defect (bug) normal Media
#33261 Random php error pento defect (bug) normal Database 4.2.3
#33300 More text patterns iseulde task (blessed) normal TinyMCE
#33301 Create and edit links inline azaozz task (blessed) normal Editor
#33305 Plugin details modal: initial focus and constraining tabbing afercia defect (bug) normal Plugins 4.2
#33376 Create index on user_email chriscct7 enhancement normal Database
#33380 Twenty Fifteen doesn't handle lists (ordered and non-ordered) very well inside blockquotes SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 4.1
#33440 Deprecated PHP4 style constructor warnings make debugging hard ocean90 enhancement normal Widgets 4.3
#33511 Bad value for attribute lang on element html ocean90 defect (bug) normal I18N 4.3
#33513 Add support for the 'lang' attribute in admin bar menu items. swissspidy enhancement normal Toolbar 3.3
#33525 CSS animations cause high cpu azaozz defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 4.3
#33631 Add filter to prevent user creation during site creation rachelbaker enhancement normal Networks and Sites 4.4
#33642 Improve default Imagick compression settings joemcgill task (blessed) normal Media
#33701 Standardize core file headers DrewAPicture task (blessed) normal General
#33738 Quotes and other texturize characters are displayed differently in the customizer vs the front end of site westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize 4.3
#33755 Add Custom Logo to WordPress Core obenland task (blessed) normal Customize 4.6
#33926 Improve WordPress Compatibility with HHVM pento defect (bug) normal General
#33952 get_search_form() accessibility improvements afercia defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 3.6
#34010 Add Ability to Fetch Post Types by Supports swissspidy enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 4.4
#34033 Insufficient check for existence of DOM elements in jQuery object karmatosed defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme
#34126 add-textdomain.php misses translate_nooped_plural() westi defect (bug) normal I18N
#34133 Improve the Moderate Comment screen johnbillion enhancement normal Comments
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