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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#6531 Recursively search for files in theme and plugin editors pento defect (bug) high Themes 2.5
#21622 Validate or sandbox theme file edits before saving them (as is done for plugins) westonruter enhancement high Themes 2.7.1
#21819 Avoid redundant crops for custom headers in the media library joemcgill task (blessed) high Media 3.5
#24048 Code Editors: Increase the usability of Code Editor's files list westonruter defect (bug) high Plugins 3.5.1
#28721 Scheduled changes for the customizer sayedwp enhancement high Customize
#30738 JS content templates for base WP_Customize_Control westonruter task (blessed) high Customize 4.1
#31779 Warn users before using a built-in file editor for the first time helen enhancement high Themes
#34115 oEmbed not working on author page without posts swissspidy enhancement high Embeds 2.9
#34843 Customizer: allow themes in the Customizer to be disabled by plugins celloexpressions enhancement high Customize 4.4
#37661 A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer westonruter feature request high Customize 4.2
#37964 Allow customizer controls to be encapsulated by accepting pre-instantiated settings westonruter enhancement high Customize 3.4
#38583 Support for objects in schema validation and sanitization joehoyle enhancement high REST API 4.7
#38666 Reassure users when the customizer is doing a full reload westonruter enhancement high Customize
#39275 Improve for changesets. sayedwp enhancement high Customize 4.7
#39686 Upgrade MediaElement to 4.X enhancement high External Libraries 4.7.1
#39693 Fix missing assignment of widgets on theme switch obenland enhancement high Widgets
#39766 Plugin does not gracefully fail when editing active plugin causes fatal error westonruter defect (bug) high Plugins 4.7.2
#39896 Customizer: Allow users to Draft changes before Publishing westonruter enhancement high Customize
#40104 Customizer: Improve menu creation flow westonruter enhancement high Customize 4.3
#40854 Allow media to be embedded in Text widget biskobe task (blessed) high Widgets 4.8
#41052 Need validation update in video widget westonruter defect (bug) high Widgets 4.8
#41629 Widgets: Default to "custom URL" in the image widget desrosj enhancement high Media 4.8
#41752 Remove SWFUpload defect (bug) high Upload
#41850 Customize: Prevent panel sticky headers when scrolling if description is expanded delawski defect (bug) high Customize 4.7
#41871 Code Editor: Add unit tests ryotsun defect (bug) high General
#41872 Code Editor: Minor accessibility improvements to the CodeMirror editing areas afercia defect (bug) high Customize 4.9
#41887 Code Editor: Error disables the Update File button. melchoyce enhancement high General
#41894 Clear dirty flag on widgets admin screen when widget is deleted to prevent irrelevant “Are you sure?” prompt westonruter defect (bug) high Widgets
#41897 Code Editor: Add reusable code editor Customizer control westonruter defect (bug) high Customize
#41900 Code Editor: Cursor jumps to end of file upon focus in the "contenteditable" inputStyle for CodeMirror in Additional CSS westonruter defect (bug) high Customize
#41914 Widgets: Add gallery widget westonruter feature request high Widgets
#41969 Ensure Gallery widget is styled properly across widget areas in bundled themes davidakennedy task (blessed) high Bundled Theme
#42018 Can't Edit Image in RTL/Hebrew version of WordPress iseulde defect (bug) high TinyMCE 4.8.2
#42024 Customizer: Add "customization locking" westonruter task (blessed) high Customize
#42039 Widgets: Enable oEmbed support for Video widget obenland enhancement high Widgets 4.8
#42052 Customize Themes: Safari bugs in rendering themes browser header, theme details, and panel contents westonruter defect (bug) high Customize 4.9
#42121 Menus: Filter orphaned locations on theme switch obenland defect (bug) high Menus 4.9
#42124 Unit test errors with PHPUnit 6.4.0 SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) high Build/Test Tools
#42220 The draft page cannot see Customizing Homepage Settings makes Add New Page westonruter defect (bug) high Customize 4.9
#42359 Widgets and Menus panels break in small screen westonruter defect (bug) high Customize 4.9
#42553 IE11: content loss when editing a post (Object doesn't support property or method 'matches') westonruter defect (bug) high Editor 4.9
#10457 Parse shortcodes in text widgets by default westonruter enhancement normal Widgets 2.8
#10752 Uploading new media to existing posts/pages backdates file location pento defect (bug) normal Media 2.8.4
#12423 Include default code editor westonruter feature request normal Editor 3.0
#13910 Get Menu name with wp_nav_menu() chriscct7 feature request normal Menus 3.0
#15533 wp_get_nav_menu_items order doesn't work DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Menus 3.0
#16470 Require confirmation on email change johnbillion enhancement normal Users 3.0
#16778 wordpress is leaking user/blog information during wp_version_check() pento enhancement normal Administration
#16886 Adding readonly function to wp-includes/general-template.php SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal General 3.1
#18997 Adding wp_unschedule_hook function chriscct7 feature request normal Cron API 3.3
#20307 Edit User link in admin toolbar johnbillion enhancement normal Toolbar
#20383 Strip trailing punctuation with canonical URLs SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Canonical
#21492 Theme customizer > Static front page: missing error message when front page and posts pages are similar westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize
#23120 There should be indication that widget settings have been saved westonruter enhancement normal Widgets 3.5
#24603 Introduce pre_move_uploaded_file filter to allow pre-processing of uploaded files DrewAPicture enhancement normal Upload
#25365 timeAgo attribute for revisions produces the wrong result due to missing UTC in strtotime adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Revisions 3.6.1
#27770 Can't save a widget that uses a namespace johnbillion defect (bug) normal Widgets 3.8.2
#28116 is_user_logged_in() does not work properly after using wp_signon() DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Users 3.9
#28399 Allow WP_Query to query by comment_count column of CPT/posts table boonebgorges enhancement normal Query 4.0
#29684 Add get_main_site_id() function flixos90 enhancement normal Networks and Sites 3.9
#29872 Permalink Structure Tags buttons swissspidy feature request normal Permalinks
#30186 Add plugin icons to plugin list table in update-core.php pento enhancement normal Plugins
#30666 Add a comment to RTL and minified files for new contributors jorbin enhancement normal Build/Test Tools
#30829 I want to add the list table views in edit-tags.php mariovalney enhancement normal Taxonomy 4.1
#31401 wp-cron.php header comments confused or confusing DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Cron API 2.6
#31582 Catching PHP Fatal Errors on WordPress Theme Customizer westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize 4.1.1
#31846 Using the browser's Back and Forward buttons doesn't update the media library adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Media 4.0
#32399 List table: Lists of items should inform users about the "current view" being displayed afercia enhancement normal Administration
#32816 No or inadequate Custom Link URL validation westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize 4.3
#33167 Reset password screen lacks the Hide button and Confirm use of weak password checkbox adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Login and Registration 4.3
#33958 All Options Filter pento enhancement normal Options, Meta APIs
#33981 Default Captions Should Use max-width joemcgill enhancement normal Media 4.3.1
#34034 Hook for Page Attributes Metabox SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Posts, Post Types
#34413 calling register_taxonomy() multiple times will overwrite existing object types drewapicture defect (bug) normal Taxonomy 2.6
#34539 Image Sizes input fields on Media Settings page is too small melchoyce defect (bug) normal Media
#34625 wp-login.php site title link points to pento defect (bug) normal Login and Registration 4.3
#34726 Clarify class variable documentation on WP_Query DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Query
#35125 Attachment Details-view not closing when deleting a file after switching from another file defect (bug) normal Media 4.4
#35210 Add notification area to Customizer westonruter enhancement normal Customize
#35218 Parse the creation date out of uploaded videos mikeschroder enhancement normal Media
#35293 Emoji Regex in wp_encode_emoji() is wildly inaccurate pento defect (bug) normal Emoji 4.2
#35305 do_meta_boxes() does not display correctly with screen names that contain charaters outside sanatize_key()'s limits DrewAPicture defect (bug) normal Options, Meta APIs 4.4
#35496 Quick Edit error messages UI improvements afercia defect (bug) normal Quick/Bulk Edit
#35709 Front end: created post with empty title is shown with number instead of title afercia defect (bug) normal Widgets 2.3
#35832 Paste action in text field/area context menu in theme customizer leaves Save&Publish button disabled (Firefox) westonruter defect (bug) normal Customize 3.4
#35925 Filter for wp_get_object_terms() arguments boonebgorges enhancement normal Taxonomy 4.6
#35974 `@param` tags with `&` in variable names are not parsed as parameters in the developer docs defect (bug) normal General
#35991 Adding support of terms meta to XML-RPC boonebgorges enhancement normal XML-RPC 4.4
#36033 'kses_allowed_protocols' filter is not really filterable. SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Security 4.4.2
#36170 Small refactor in the validate_file method + unit tests johnbillion enhancement normal Filesystem API
#36196 Users without a role are not being displayed johnbillion defect (bug) normal Users 4.4
#36206 Added the `$post` parameter in attachment_submitbox_misc_actions and post_submitbox_start action SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Posts, Post Types
#36279 Add an "add new menu" button to the menu locations section in the customizer bpayton task (blessed) normal Customize 4.3
#36319 Post meta authorization filter docs are incorrect adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Options, Meta APIs
#36569 Remove Link button in Visual Editor needs to be disabled when cursor isn't over link melchoyce defect (bug) normal TinyMCE 4.2
#36784 wp_update_comment should work with meta dshanske enhancement normal Comments 4.4
#36961 wp_roles displays incorrect roles in multisite flixos90 defect (bug) normal Role/Capability 4.2
#36990 Add manage_users_extra_tablenav action to WP_Users_List_Table class adamsilverstein enhancement normal Users 4.5.2
#37013 Minor Fixes: "Toggle indicator" in pages have focus color while the same in widgets/menus have none. afercia defect (bug) normal Widgets
#37038 WP_Tax_Query needs caching boonebgorges enhancement normal Query 3.1
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