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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10140 Files being deleted during upgrade dd32 defect (bug) highest omg bbq Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10222 Fatal error: Trying to clone an uncloneable object of class ReflectionClass in /var/www/htdocs/syz/html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 11739... defect (bug) highest omg bbq Administration 2.8
#8446 Using Slug-Data in CSS Classes does not work westi defect (bug) high I18N 2.7
#9644 (bug) get_categories ryan defect (bug) high Taxonomy 2.8
#10117 Change update string to indicate if version is the original English one, or the local one ryan defect (bug) high I18N 2.8
#10125 Code optimisations for timezone dropdown builder. defect (bug) high Date/Time 2.8
#10132 PHP Warning at menu-header.php line 118 defect (bug) high Administration 2.8
#10162 Dashboard fails on anonymous comment after upgrading to 2.8 defect (bug) high General 2.8
#10236 Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\_root_wordpress28_be\wp-includes\pomo\streams.php on line 26 nbachiyski defect (bug) high I18N 2.8
#10238 A failed upload loses its error messages westi defect (bug) high Media 2.8
#10246 New Security check for plugins pages breaks backwards-compatible redirects ryan defect (bug) high Menus 2.8
#5427 WordPress should not include a file indicated by a URL query string that has not been specified in an add_submenu_page call enhancement normal Menus 2.3.1
#5682 Clean permalinks and mod_rewrite support for IIS ryan defect (bug) normal Permalinks 2.5
#8831 Extra Hooks in the Category Form and Category Edit Form enhancement normal Taxonomy 2.8
#9955 Missing preg_quote parameters defect (bug) normal General
#10090 Vertical misalignment in Categories page, Description column defect (bug) normal UI 2.8
#10092 widgets randomly get added in two or more sidebars azaozz defect (bug) normal Widgets 2.8
#10093 SSH2 Install note for '--enable-sockets' to be complied in PHP ShaneF defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10096 Upgrade notification even though latest version dd32 defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10101 String overlap in plugin editor eddieringle defect (bug) normal Administration 2.8
#10104 PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) after changeset 11524 dd32 defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10113 Flash Uploader and UTF-8 encoding (l10n vi) defect (bug) normal Upload 2.8
#10119 Wrong data type in edit-page-form.php pairg defect (bug) normal Warnings/Notices 2.8
#10135 JavaScript Error In post.js When Using Internet Explorer azaozz defect (bug) normal JavaScript 2.8
#10136 is_active_sidebar() should use wp_get_sidebars_widgets() azaozz defect (bug) normal Widgets 2.8
#10137 Spelling Error when Upgrading Plugin defect (bug) normal Plugins 2.8
#10147 Improve SimplePie memory usage Denis-de-Bernardy enhancement normal Performance 2.8
#10170 File Permissions on Creation (Plugin but might be Theme as well) dd32 defect (bug) normal Filesystem API 2.8
#10181 Warnings after post/page save defect (bug) normal Autosave 2.8
#10192 Installer/Upgrader bugs and tweaks Denis-de-Bernardy defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10193 backto parameter used in database needs better validation westi defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 2.8
#10206 Non-breaking spaces for padding in timezone menu break keyboard selection defect (bug) normal Date/Time 2.8
#10226 Sanitization bypass in clean_url and wp_sanitise redirect westi defect (bug) normal Security 2.8
#10227 Invalid action handler defect (bug) normal General 2.8
#10231 missing hook in WP_HTTP dd32 defect (bug) normal HTTP API 2.8
#10251 WP_Widget_Recent_Posts in default-widgets.php Doesn't Work With Persistent Caching azaozz defect (bug) normal Widgets 2.8
#10254 "An unidentified error has occurred." on Custom Field update defect (bug) normal Editor 2.8
#10266 wp_page_menu sort_column value should be "menu_order, post_title" enhancement normal General 2.8
#10270 User roles are not translated nbachiyski defect (bug) normal I18N 2.8
#10272 The theme editor puts all text on one line defect (bug) normal Editor
#10283 Incorrect check in wp_style_is() azaozz defect (bug) normal General 2.8
#10286 load_textdomain: Incorrect PHPDoc and possibly unwanted merging behaviour nbachiyski defect (bug) normal I18N 2.8
#10292 Function wp_timezone_choice() does not properly check for last element defect (bug) normal Administration 2.8
#10300 Optimization in wp_get_sidebars_widgets() corrupts the widgets azaozz defect (bug) normal Widgets 2.8
#10310 add_menu_page Security Bug ryan defect (bug) normal Menus 2.8
#10330 XML-RPC and AtomPub Endpoints Should Respect FORCE_SSL_ADMIN and FORCE_SSL_LOGIN josephscott enhancement normal XML-RPC 2.8
#10336 Inline CSS filter for kses ryan defect (bug) normal Security
#10121 Permission check refinements Denis-de-Bernardy defect (bug) low Role/Capability 2.8
#10164 Comment Minor Typo defect (bug) low Inline Docs 2.8
#10262 Plugin editor fails without PHP tokenizer support defect (bug) low General 2.8
#10356 Readme.html Wordpress 2.8 dcole07 defect (bug) low General
#10159 RTL CSS fixes for admin area nbachiyski defect (bug) lowest I18N 2.8
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