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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#37011 Don’t link custom logo if it’s displayed on the front page joedolson enhancement highest omg bbq Themes 4.6
#49288 Metabox holders missing their border and "Drag boxes here" text audrasjb defect (bug) highest omg bbq Administration
#9757 Allow Plugin/Theme updates from a uploaded .zip file. azaozz feature request high Upgrade/Install 2.8
#47620 REST API: Expose blocks registered on the server spacedmonkey feature request high REST API 5.0
#50321 REST API: Add plugin and block directory endpoints TimothyBlynJacobs enhancement high REST API 4.7
#50512 Improve accessibility of the Plugin & Themes Auto-Updates feature defect (bug) high Upgrade/Install 5.5
#8973 Function get_page_of_comment() returns incorrect page numbers whyisjake defect (bug) normal Comments 2.7
#16557 Ability to disable redirect_guess_404_permalink() audrasjb defect (bug) normal Canonical 3.1
#20009 Escape later when getting post and body classes whyisjake defect (bug) normal Themes
#20875 Introduce wp_cache_get_multi() SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Cache API
#21676 Pass a variable to get_template_part() SergeyBiryukov task (blessed) normal Template
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed iworks defect (bug) normal Feeds 3.4.2
#22363 Accents in attachment filenames should be sanitized SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Media 3.4
#24106 Simplify wp_slash() whyisjake defect (bug) normal Formatting 3.6
#25239 $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] not a reliable when generating email host names whyisjake defect (bug) normal Mail 3.8
#26769 Change "Your Profile" under Users Menu to "My Profile" SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Users 3.8
#27703 Need additional db version information in WP3.9+ pento enhancement normal Database 3.9
#30940 Extend delete actions arguments ocean90 enhancement normal Posts, Post Types 4.2
#31237 improve get_the_archive_title() with new filter ocean90 enhancement normal Themes 4.1
#31783 In theme details modal Tags getting overlapped by action buttons valentinbora defect (bug) normal Themes 4.1.1
#33161 Create a standard for defining and identifying site environment SergeyBiryukov task (blessed) normal Bootstrap/Load 4.2
#33591 Media File Missing Length Causes WordPress Atom Feed to Be Invalid stevenkword defect (bug) normal Feeds 4.2.4
#33756 Improve docs for sanitize_title() psdtohtmlguru defect (bug) normal Formatting
#34560 High memory usage ( and possible server error) editing post with many/large revisions adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Revisions 3.6
#35155 Error messages still get covered over by wp admin menu. audrasjb defect (bug) normal Administration 4.4
#35288 Search Engines Discouraged message improvements audrasjb defect (bug) normal Administration
#35391 Remove title attributes: the Posts Date column full date and time afercia defect (bug) normal Administration
#36271 Trigger _doing_it_wrong if wp_send_json is used on a REST API request spacedmonkey task (blessed) normal REST API 4.4
#36416 maybe_unserialize returns false if non trimmed string is passed but is_serialized returns true SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal General 2.0
#36455 Invalidate files in opcode cache after plug-in, theme or core update mikeschroder enhancement normal Upgrade/Install
#36640 Customize: get_custom_logo should allow the image tag to be filtered independently SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Customize 4.5
#36669 Update SimplePie to Latest Version and possibly include PHP-MF2 desrosj enhancement normal External Libraries 3.5
#37117 Upgrade QUnit to 2.9.x SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Build/Test Tools
#37134 Allow filtering of safecss_filter_attr adamsilverstein enhancement normal Formatting 4.6
#37245 New action hook for register_setting SergeyBiryukov feature request normal Options, Meta APIs 2.7
#37675 Update Masonry (v4.1.0) & imagesLoaded (v4.1.0) package SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal External Libraries 4.6
#37826 Can't manage comments of trashed posts johnbillion defect (bug) normal Comments
#38101 Unit test for _cleanup_header_comment() peterwilsoncc enhancement normal Build/Test Tools 4.7
#38221 Incorrect page id/name search blocks future searches tomdude defect (bug) normal Media 4.4.2
#38545 Add span element to get_the_archive_title() ocean90 enhancement normal Themes 4.6.1
#38665 Add user language preference to 'Add new user' form johnbillion enhancement normal Users 4.7
#39074 No method to move meta boxes using keyboard afercia defect (bug) normal Administration
#39311 New user activation welcome page links to the wrong site SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Login and Registration 4.7
#39378 Allow passing custom class to the post pagination functions SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Themes 4.7
#39384 Twenty Seventeen: Navbar z-index issue ianbelanger defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme
#39459 Database upgrade is triggered on AJAX request schlessera defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install 4.7
#39542 wp_kses() et al. $allowed_html parameter not documented as accepting string values SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Security 3.5
#39633 No HiDPI version for avatar in post locked modal audrasjb defect (bug) normal Posts, Post Types 4.2
#39685 Twenty Seventeen: Pagination links don't appear for home pages ianbelanger defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme 4.7.1
#39732 Allowing wp_update_comment() to return WP_Error enrico.sorcinelli enhancement normal Comments 4.8
#39860 Multiple Themes: Check for WP_Error before outputting `get_the_tag_list()` SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme
#39975 Remove direct calls to '/tmp/' in Unit Tests SergeyBiryukov task (blessed) normal Build/Test Tools
#39998 Remove unneeded use of wpdb_exposed_methods_for_testing SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Build/Test Tools 4.8
#40037 Add ability to ask wpdb for full db server info SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Database 4.8
#40188 Filter button should not appear when no comments are available in list Jim_Panse defect (bug) normal Comments
#40244 Inconsistent casing in the list table select filters whyisjake enhancement normal Administration 5.4
#40519 Document that get_metadata() returns false for bad parameters enhancement normal Options, Meta APIs 4.8
#40605 Remove login form on checkemail=confirm screen pratik028 enhancement normal Login and Registration
#40773 Redirect paged requests for non-paginated posts to avoid duplicate content SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Canonical 2.9
#40838 REST API: Inconsistent parameter type handling in `set_param()` vagios defect (bug) normal REST API 4.4
#40856 PHPUnit tests on Windows SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Build/Test Tools 4.8
#40934 Allow PHP version requirements for plugins & themes joostdevalk task (blessed) normal Site Health
#40969 RFE: get_template_part() to return something or warn when nothing found williampatton enhancement normal Themes
#41009 Add filter to comment form class SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Comments
#41166 .htaccess config should not be shown on network setup screen when Nginx is in use lipathor enhancement normal Networks and Sites 3.0
#41491 Add a DocBlock for WP_Comments_List_Table::floated_admin_avatar() SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Comments
#41514 Registration links disappear after requesting a password reset link SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Login and Registration
#41750 Update PHPMailer to 6.x desrosj enhancement normal External Libraries
#41904 Html Invalid SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Administration
#41921 add esc_html before the admin title display SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Administration
#42195 wp_slash() is lossy SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Formatting
#42466 HTTP status code is wrong on setup error SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install
#42469 WP_Query found_posts inconsistent data type. SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Query
#42624 Documentation says "available_permalink_structure_tags" filter is available since 4.8 SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Permalinks 4.9
#42775 Support uploading files in HEIF and HEVC formats azaozz enhancement normal Upload
#42911 A parameter is missing in wp-admin/menu.php comments valentinbora defect (bug) normal Administration
#42923 Docs: Add new phpDocs to upgrade/install classes SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Upgrade/Install
#43232 User signups should be marked `active=0` after account is deleted ocean90 defect (bug) normal Users 3.0
#43279 Form spacing is not equal both side on mobile for Add new user page garrett-eclipse defect (bug) normal Users 4.9.4
#43358 The theme/plugin editor sandbox does not play well with PHP sessions SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Administration 4.9.4
#43516 Allowing default category to be applied to all CPT associated to 'category' taxonomy whyisjake enhancement normal Taxonomy 5.1
#43517 Adding support of default category term for custom taxonomies whyisjake defect (bug) normal Taxonomy
#43627 Method call uses 2 parameters, but method signature uses 1 parameters SergeyBiryukov defect (bug) normal Script Loader 4.9.4
#43656 Media attachment filter does not work after switching list mode to grid for image attachment filter adamsilverstein defect (bug) normal Media 4.9.4
#43828 Add JSDoc ESLint script netweb task (blessed) normal Build/Test Tools
#43941 Add default value to register meta TimothyBlynJacobs enhancement normal Options, Meta APIs 4.6
#43999 Twenty Seventeen: Add Telegram and Whatsapp support to Social Media Menu ianbelanger enhancement normal Bundled Theme
#44004 Twenty Seventeen: CSS issue when using rowspan in tables ianbelanger defect (bug) normal Bundled Theme
#44038 Change personal data export path stored in request meta to relative paths xkon defect (bug) normal Privacy 4.9.6
#44286 Feature Request: Provide Menu Settings on create new menu audrasjb enhancement normal Menus
#44305 The 'fields' query parameter for WP_Query supports only a string johannadevos defect (bug) normal Query
#44405 Updating/Cropping Images via Rest API TimothyBlynJacobs feature request normal REST API 4.9.6
#44427 Introduce lazy-loading API for media and other elements flixos90 enhancement normal Media 5.4
#44581 users without 'edit_posts' capability never get informed that their uploads succeed joemcgill enhancement normal Media
#44588 Denote the Copy action is complete by updating the Copy button to state 'Copied' garrett-eclipse enhancement normal Privacy 4.9.6
#44949 Add support for JSON Schema string pattern to REST API TimothyBlynJacobs enhancement normal REST API
#44959 Change @deprecated DocBlock tag for the install_themes_feature_list() function whyisjake defect (bug) normal Administration
#45089 Update WP_List_Table::get_sortable_columns() to support 'asc' and 'desc' arguments birgire enhancement normal Administration 4.9.8
#45163 get_term_by() should accept ID as a field SergeyBiryukov enhancement normal Taxonomy
#45298 Menu Quick Search: Allow searching for empty taxonomy terms johnbillion defect (bug) normal Menus
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