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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#31768 Press This: Emoji support within the title Press This low normal 4.2 defect (bug) 03/29/15
#27810 wp_query taxonomy query by name doesn't seem to work if there's a space in the name boonebgorges Taxonomy normal normal 4.2 defect (bug) 03/11/15
#29558 Alt+Shift shortcuts override character input TinyMCE low major 4.2 defect (bug) 03/28/15
#30422 Visual Editor Shortcuts for Headings Don't Work in Safari 8.0 on OS X TinyMCE high normal 4.2 defect (bug) 03/27/15
#31388 Database Error During Upgrade Upgrade/Install normal normal 4.2 defect (bug) 03/27/15
#30468 wplink modal accessibility Editor high normal 4.2 defect (bug) dev-feedback 03/23/15
#20943 Paragraphs get removed in table cells when Visual editor is refreshed azaozz Formatting normal major 4.2 defect (bug) dev-feedback 03/20/15
#31684 media.view.Settings.Gallery.extend doesn't work anymore wonderboymusic Media high normal 4.2 defect (bug) dev-feedback 03/20/15
#24146 Menu items with blank labels are removed on saving SergeyBiryukov* Menus normal normal 4.2 defect (bug) dev-feedback 03/20/15
#30596 Transparent background of .png not preserved when rotating picture markoheijnen Media normal normal 4.2 defect (bug) early 03/17/15
#26881 Multiple wp_editor() on one page and link button broken Editor normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/29/15
#31612 Scroll bleed in the link modal on iOS Editor high normal 4.2 defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/29/15
#31116 Infinite loop in the media load page, media-models.min.js wonderboymusic Media normal normal 4.2 defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/19/15
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