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#27177 Child themes should inherit parent theme customizer settings on activation / switching Customize normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement 07/06/15
#32781 Customizer Menus: Debug Notices SergeyBiryukov Customize normal normal 4.3 defect (bug) has-patch 07/06/15
#28303 How to handle default/formal translations for automatic upgrades? ocean90 I18N normal normal 4.3 task (blessed) has-patch 07/06/15
#32739 Allow Non-administrators to Access the Customizer Customize normal normal defect (bug) close 07/06/15
#32820 Disambiguate "Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu." as being an option and not a menu location valendesigns Customize normal normal 4.3 defect (bug) 07/06/15
#32740 Menu Customizer: "quick delete" focus valendesigns Customize normal normal 4.3 defect (bug) 07/06/15
#32686 Customizer Menus: Accessibility: create new menu, focus goes to the preview area in Firefox valendesigns Customize normal normal 4.3 defect (bug) reporter-feedback 07/06/15
#32577 Customizer tests not cleaning up valendesigns Customize normal normal Future Release defect (bug) 07/06/15
#9405 Shortcode parameter names can't have dashes in them johnbillion Shortcodes lowest minor 4.3 defect (bug) has-patch 07/06/15
#14134 Menus item are limited to 16 item and will not save more than that Menus high major Future Release defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 07/06/15
#18282 Issue with admin page hierarchy in Menu admin Menus normal major Awaiting Review defect (bug) 07/06/15
#32279 Creating new posts/terms with non-latin characters is broken for tables with cp1251 collation in 4.1.5 dd32 Database high critical 4.2.3 defect (bug) 07/06/15
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