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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created Modified
#38922 Use REST API for ajax tag search Taxonomy 5.0 defect (bug) normal 11/23/16 1507576563784600
#4575 Add functions to return the last-modified timestamp of a category/tag Feeds 5.0 enhancement normal 07/02/07 1510263022041572
#42401 Typechecker problem in wp-db.php Database 4.9 defect (bug) normal 11/01/17 1510014611400860
#42431 wpdb prepare - {} replaced with % if AUTH_SALT is defined as null or empty string Database 4.9 defect (bug) normal 11/03/17 1510016928550408
#42108 Pass on the return from wp_redirect for wp_safe_redirect Administration 5.0 enhancement normal 10/05/17 1510931625488676
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