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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created Modified
#33167 Reset password screen lacks the Hide button and Confirm use of weak password checkbox Login and Registration Future Release defect (bug) normal 07/29/15 1485272729176009
#35105 Specifiy minimum node and npm version in package.json Build/Test Tools 4.8 task (blessed) normal 12/15/15 1485483914076317
#37269 Introduce removed event for wp.customize.Values collection Customize Future Release enhancement normal 07/04/16 1478357709765095
#38079 Add hooks before output for each action in wp-login.php Login and Registration 4.8 enhancement normal 09/17/16 1481611872122060
#38673 Introduce helper function for DISALLOW_FILE_MODS checks Filesystem API 4.8 enhancement normal 11/04/16 1486588189397087
#38924 Getting 'embed_autourls' option still generates a DB query Embeds 4.8 defect (bug) normal 11/24/16 1485636871636109
#39227 Changeset parameter not generated Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 12/10/16 1484171926283371
#39241 Add more unit tests for the custom header feature Themes 4.8 defect (bug) normal 12/11/16 1481505944816836
#39353 Customize: menu widgets lose edit shortcuts when added/refreshed Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 12/20/16 1486784103217087
#39498 Customizer edit shortcuts are unstyled if user can't `edit_theme_options` Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 01/06/17 1485402496712551
#39564 Notice: Undefined index: item_spacing in /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-includes/class-walker-page.php on line 106 Menus 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 01/12/17 1486410690220751
#39600 Customizer: unable to remove title on navigation Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 01/16/17 1485454139766506
#39610 Customize: Custom post types cannot be used in starter content Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 01/17/17 1484784223233384
#39713 Customize: Changeset post_date does not bump when an auto-draft is updated Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 01/26/17 1486276792132253
#39797 Customizer Preview JS Object triggers preview pane refresh on javascript behavior Customize 4.7.3 defect (bug) normal 02/06/17 1487280114948415
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