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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created Modified
#37800 Close "link rel" dns-prefetch tag General 4.6.1 defect (bug) trivial 08/23/16 1472535297737341
#37697 Strange behavior with thumbnails on preview in 4.6 Post Thumbnails 4.6.1 defect (bug) normal 08/17/16 1472473559646974
#37553 Deprecate `wp_get_network()` Networks and Sites 4.7 enhancement normal 08/03/16 1472115958852032
#37680 PHP Warning: ini_get_all() has been disabled for security reasons Bootstrap/Load 4.6.1 defect (bug) normal 08/17/16 1472535000883854
#37755 Visual Editor: Weird unicode (vietnamese) characters display on Wordpress 4.6 Themes 4.6.1 defect (bug) normal 08/21/16 1472543233122810
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