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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created Modified
#13910 Get Menu name with wp_nav_menu() Menus 4.9 feature request normal 06/15/10 1500307574245681
#37269 Introduce removed event for wp.customize.Values collection Customize Future Release enhancement normal 07/04/16 1478357709765095
#37661 A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer Customize 4.9 feature request normal 08/15/16 1502328113588124
#38079 Add hooks before output for each action in wp-login.php Login and Registration 4.9 enhancement normal 09/17/16 1500306808909236
#41111 WP-API JS Client: Add a helper to get model or collection by route REST API 4.9 enhancement normal 06/21/17 1503068256797874
#41584 Upgrade Twemoji to 2.5.0 Emoji 4.8.2 defect (bug) normal 08/08/17 1502676675202161
#41596 New Text Widget recognizes HTML but does not render it in the front end Widgets 4.8.2 defect (bug) normal 08/09/17 1503013169497817
#41622 Text widget can show DOMDocument::loadHTML() warnings in admin when is_legacy_widget method is called Widgets 4.8.2 defect (bug) normal 08/12/17 1502690362077528
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