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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

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Coloured rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#44135 4.9.8 new enhancement Have Erasure button workflow follow Export button workflow replacing with static link needs-testing Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 07/16/2018
#43960 4.9.8 new defect (bug) Support for sorting columns in WP_Privacy_Requests_Table has-patch Privacy trunk normal normal 07/16/2018
#44267 4.9.8 new enhancement Privacy Request List Table: A way to show the time of request when it's older than 24 hours. needs-patch Privacy normal normal 07/13/2018
#44233 4.9.8 reviewing enhancement Add missing unit tests for exporting personal data by username or email address has-patch Privacy 4.9.6 normal low 07/04/2018
#43438 4.9.8 assigned enhancement Add filters and Ajax support for personal data export needs-patch Privacy 4.9.6 normal low 06/28/2018
#36824 4.9.8 reviewing enhancement do_all_pings function queries all posts has-patch Pings/Trackbacks 2.1 normal normal 06/24/2018
#44314 4.9.8 new defect (bug) `user_confirmed_action_email_content` filter run on two different strings needs-patch Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 06/16/2018
#44033 4.9.8 new enhancement Get Avatar Comment Types should be a Function Not Just a Filter needs-testing Comments normal normal 06/05/2018
#44133 4.9.8 new enhancement Should the Data Export indicate when we have no information on the user needs-testing Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 06/01/2018
#43985 4.9.8 accepted defect (bug) Privacy: The user request email should be sent in the user language needs-testing Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 05/15/2018
#43887 5.0 new enhancement Expose Gutenberg Data Format version in the REST API has-patch REST API normal normal 04/28/2018
#43703 5.0 new defect (bug) Edit Category screen - Error shown in green and admin notice not dismissible. has-patch Taxonomy normal normal 04/05/2018
#43586 5.0 new enhancement Minor UI adjustments to the Author box in the Edit Comment screen has-patch Comments normal low 04/03/2018
#43675 5.0 new enhancement UI adjustments for comments and posts timestamp inputs . Make the input text look centralized. 2nd-opinion General minor low 04/02/2018
#43587 5.0 assigned enhancement UI adjustments to the Status box in the Edit Comment screen has-patch Comments normal normal 04/02/2018
#40510 5.0 assigned enhancement REST API: Post Revisions: Adding support for pagination has-patch REST API 4.7 normal normal 04/02/2018
#39165 5.0 reopened task (blessed) Add page to assist with debugging and support has-patch Administration normal normal 03/11/2018
#43479 5.0 assigned defect (bug) Theme detail text cutoff in RTL needs-patch Themes normal normal 03/06/2018
#40590 5.0 new defect (bug) wp_video_shortcode always adds controls="controls" 2nd-opinion Media 4.7.4 normal normal 02/25/2018
#37406 5.0 accepted enhancement Add ability to specify post_type in post_exists function - post.php has-patch Posts, Post Types 4.5.3 normal low 01/19/2018
#42985 5.0 new defect (bug) No error message returned by empty wp-login.php form has-patch Login and Registration 2.5 normal normal 01/02/2018
#37375 5.0 accepted defect (bug) Several test setUp() methods don't call parent::setUp() commit Build/Test Tools minor normal 11/23/2017
#42254 5.0 assigned defect (bug) Duplicate news entries in Events & News dashboard widget has-patch Administration 4.8 minor low 11/06/2017
#40807 5.0 reviewing enhancement Starter content: Allow for setting a "parent" for pages (and other hierarchical CPTs) has-patch Customize 4.7 normal normal 10/07/2017
#44550 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) The confirmaction page should also be in the user language needs-patch Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 07/09/2018
#44343 Awaiting Review new feature request Add filter hook for parent dropdown arguments 2nd-opinion Taxonomy normal normal 06/10/2018
#44070 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Avoid flickering of admin notices needs-patch General normal normal 05/14/2018
#44000 Awaiting Review new enhancement Add notification bubble to Tools menu for data export/erase requests has-patch Privacy trunk normal normal 05/10/2018
#44034 Awaiting Review new enhancement Privacy: Introduce a function to count user requests by type 2nd-opinion Privacy trunk normal normal 05/10/2018
#43978 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Avoid flickering on the Tools / Export page has-patch Export normal normal 05/05/2018
#43867 Awaiting Review new feature request Introduce the ability to control which fields are searched in a search query has-patch Query normal normal 04/27/2018
#43804 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Undefined offset: 0 in ../wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 1903 reporter-feedback Taxonomy trunk normal normal 04/19/2018
#42468 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Iron out the usage of 'homepage', 'home page', 'front page' needs-patch Text Changes normal normal 04/15/2018
#43009 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Create Video/Audio Playlist hooks not working as expected needs-patch Media 4.9.1 normal normal 04/11/2018
#41956 Awaiting Review new enhancement Errno in $wpdb has-patch Database normal normal 04/10/2018
#39120 Awaiting Review new enhancement Add get/set methods to remaining main query classes (comments and terms) has-patch Query normal normal 04/07/2018
#42937 Awaiting Review new enhancement Success Message should display on insertion of new category in Taxonomy page has-patch Taxonomy 4.9.1 normal normal 04/05/2018
#43663 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Unit Test test_theme_file_uri_returns_valid_uri fails on directories with spaces dev-feedback Build/Test Tools 4.9.5 normal normal 03/30/2018
#43119 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Allow passing empty post ID to media_handle_sideload() has-patch Media 2.6 normal normal 03/15/2018
#36308 Awaiting Review assigned defect (bug) get_attached_file() destroys file paths on Windows has-patch Media 4.4.2 normal normal 03/15/2018
#43476 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Fix parentheses in post status links for RTL 2nd-opinion Administration normal normal 03/06/2018
#40037 Awaiting Review new enhancement Add ability to ask wpdb for full db server info has-patch Database 4.8 normal normal 03/04/2018
#43084 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) dashboard confuses published posts count with all posts needs-patch Administration 2.7 normal normal 01/14/2018
#42718 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Video shortcode needs muted attribute for Autoplay to work with Safari 11.0.1+ has-patch Shortcodes 3.6 normal normal 11/28/2017
#42517 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) get_file_data() doesn't support the single-line variant of post template headers has-patch General 4.9 normal normal 11/13/2017
#41905 Awaiting Review new enhancement Only loop over enclosure meta keys in rss_enclosure() and atom_enclosure() has-patch Feeds 2.2 normal normal 11/12/2017
#42469 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) WP_Query found_posts inconsistent data type. dev-feedback Query normal normal 11/09/2017
#32700 Awaiting Review new enhancement Allow media attachments in nav menus dev-feedback Menus 4.7.3 normal normal 10/22/2017
#38160 Awaiting Review new enhancement Attachment template hierarchy selects generic attachment.php before specific post type templates needs-patch Themes normal normal 10/21/2017
#42209 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) register_taxonomy with a non-sequential array index of post_types causes /wp-json/wp/v2/taxonomies to return an object not an array has-patch REST API 4.8.2 normal normal 10/17/2017
#41544 Awaiting Review new enhancement $id_or_email parameter in get_avatar filter needs to be more concrete dev-feedback Users normal normal 10/14/2017
#39992 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Bug in get_the_content has-patch Posts, Post Types 4.7.2 normal normal 10/11/2017
#40293 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Comment template - warning has-patch Comments 4.8 normal normal 10/11/2017
#42117 Awaiting Review new enhancement Move inline docs from register_post_type() to WP_Post_Type::set_props() has-patch Posts, Post Types 4.6 normal normal 10/05/2017
#40188 Awaiting Review assigned defect (bug) Filter button should not appear when no comments are available in list has-patch Comments normal normal 09/30/2017
#22101 Awaiting Review assigned defect (bug) Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed has-patch Feeds 3.4.2 normal normal 09/27/2017
#38925 Awaiting Review new enhancement Allow override of depth limits on comment reply link dev-feedback Comments 4.7 normal normal 09/10/2017
#41846 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Avoid PHP notice in get_comment_reply_link() for null comment has-patch Comments 2.7 normal normal 09/10/2017
#41826 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) WP_Comment_Query can generate negative offset in LIMIT clause has-patch Comments 4.9 normal normal 09/08/2017
#41837 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) WP_User_Query can generate negative offset in the LIMIT clause has-patch Users 4.4 normal normal 09/08/2017
#41797 Awaiting Review new enhancement max_num_pages for WP_User_Query has-patch Query normal normal 09/05/2017
#37249 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Missing url escapes and 'author' link relation in wp_list_authors() has-patch General normal normal 07/01/2016
#34525 Awaiting Review new enhancement Use wp_parse_id_list() in the WP_Query class has-patch Query 4.3.1 normal normal 11/02/2015
#44354 Future new enhancement Improve `WP_Privacy_Requests_Table` to manage columns needs-testing Privacy 4.9.6 normal normal 06/30/2018
#37604 Future new feature request 'Password Lost/Changed' emails should give indication of the strength of the new password 2nd-opinion Security 3.7 normal normal 04/09/2018
#38921 Future new defect (bug) Defining filter pre_get_table_charset causes errors has-patch Database 4.2 normal normal 03/18/2018
#39494 Future new enhancement Make it possible for taxonomy query to include children in REST API needs-testing REST API 4.7 normal normal 03/15/2018
#43532 Future new enhancement Improve the visual difference between revisions - not only color based has-patch Revisions normal normal 03/13/2018
#35069 Future assigned enhancement Allow short-circuiting wp_mail has-patch Mail normal low 03/01/2018
#31093 Future new enhancement Make $tag argument optional for has_shortcode() dev-feedback Shortcodes normal normal 10/31/2017
#29424 Future new enhancement Query argument 'orderby' makes duplicated parameters possible; does not support some available columns needs-patch Query 2.5 normal normal 10/24/2017
#41514 Future new defect (bug) Registration links disappear after requesting a password reset link needs-testing Login and Registration normal normal 10/07/2017
#28140 Future new defect (bug) Position for first menu item on menu is 0 when it should be 1 has-patch Menus normal normal 10/01/2017
#33591 Future assigned defect (bug) Media File Missing Length Causes Wordpress Atom Feed to Be Invalid has-patch Feeds 4.2.4 normal normal 09/19/2017
#37937 Future new enhancement Support boolean strings for the 'public', 'archived', 'mature', 'spam' and 'deleted' attributes in WP_Site_Query has-patch Networks and Sites 4.6 normal normal 09/19/2017
#39666 Future new enhancement Put front page on top of "All pages" list dev-feedback Posts, Post Types normal normal 09/16/2017
#39251 Future new defect (bug) Support end_size=0 in paginate_links() has-patch General normal normal 09/16/2017
#41819 Future assigned enhancement Support the paged argument in WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query dev-feedback Query 4.6 normal normal 09/08/2017
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